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  1. Just to add how crazy these are.  If you add in the Chilling Strike and Oiling Strikes Sphere.  The beams are attacking so fast they always have chill and oil on all mobs.  Pair this with a monk aura and nothing makes it out alive...   With my under geared EV (around 3300 DP),  I can spawn build most maps with an archer or two to take out air and do cleanup.

  2. @DarkChuky quote:

    @Xira quote:

    @Nekrin quote:

    The oil and frost slowing spheres actually work if your AL is just for building.

    Do oil/frost spheres actually affect towers? I thought they only affected hero hits?

    They do with Archers cause the explosion counts as Hero damage.

    I'm not actually sure that's the reason.  I tried with Lightning Auras the the oil sphere still works with that too.  I think it works for towers as well.  Just most hero's have better large spheres so i never tried it.

  3. After finishing a private game you return to a private tavern.  But only by hitting G at the end and waiting for the timer.  If you choose Leave it'll put you back in social.  Kinda silly but that's how it is currently.

  4. @Zen00 quote:

    I join a game, see that they're about to fail, so I leave. I try to join another game, but it keeps putting me into the same game over and over, which is really frustrating.

    They've mentioned on the last Dev stream that this is being addressed.

    Can I drop more than 10 mana at a time? Shift+M for 100 drop maybe?

    You do have ctrl+m for all mana.  Or I still use the old trick of binding drop mana to your mouse wheel.  Lets you drop much quicker.

    The game's not perfect but it's kinda hard to make people agree to a build in a co-op building game.  Especially when you have new people that have no clue what they're doing but still want to "help".

  5. @Depth™ quote:

    can you only get wyvern tokens once a day or more than once?

    Just once a day.

    @Depth™ quote:where exactly would you put the lightning aura towers and skyguard towers etc. 

    I briefly watched SactoDoug's video and it looked fine.  Without Uber's you'll have to find other ways of kill the ogres.  Really just depends on your hero's stats.  My first link has a video I posted using cannons and monk auras.  Really you just need to do some trial and error. Only way to really learn.  Maybe figure out the combos on an easier mode and work your way up.

  6. You see any of these existing posts about building for her?




    Lightning Aura + Gyser Trap + Skyguard combo will get you most of the way.  If you're going solo putting down stuff for the ogre to kill while you deal with the other one on wave 4 is important.  Unless you have the monk uber... then you just use those and win.

  7. I played around with it awhile ago and from what i can tell It's just a bug in how the life is reported.  Basically the % is calculated from the original life of the boost when placed not the current total of your gear.  It still dies at the same rate it just doesn't show the value properly.

    Edit: If you inspect the tower it shows the correct value.

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