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  1. Yep, Good to use on an archer Abyss Lord too although they really shine on proton beams.
  2. Just to add how crazy these are. If you add in the Chilling Strike and Oiling Strikes Sphere. The beams are attacking so fast they always have chill and oil on all mobs. Pair this with a monk aura and nothing makes it out alive... With my under geared EV (around 3300 DP), I can spawn build most maps with an archer or two to take out air and do cleanup.
  3. Do oil/frost spheres actually affect towers? I thought they only affected hero hits? They do with Archers cause the explosion counts as Hero damage. I'm not actually sure that's the reason. I tried with Lightning Auras the the oil sphere still works with that too. I think it works for towers as well. Just most hero's have better large spheres so i never tried it.
  4. The oil and frost slowing spheres actually work if your AL is just for building.
  5. Can you explain what "DMG vulnerability rate" on the skeletal orcs and Colossus does?
  6. I've seen people in game with a empowered version. They said it came like that... Maybe there was a window if you logged and got him in it was like that.
  7. I'm more curious as to how that grumpy has empower stats on him. Mine is simply blank for both empower stats.
  8. Large spheres that adds chill and oil is good on defences too.
  9. I've seen 2-3 of them. I think it only comes from the victory chest.
  10. I don't see a point anymore. Maybe if you're just starting out and need reagents...
  11. They were pulled in a recent patch, https://dungeondefenders.com/2/topic/132578/steam-calling-all-heroes-110-notes-and-discussion "Shellium Shards are being phased out. Evolution recipies no longer require Shellium Shards. Eggs will now rot into common reagents."
  12. Certain bosses just have random drops from their loot table. Everything else drops off what's in your deck like Moutro said.
  13. You don't use pets for their attack. You want good abilities. Earth damage Gatos can have an awesome root ability (forgetting the name) that will lock ogres in place.
  14. Rock Throw: Throw a giant rock at your enemy! (8 sec)
  15. Fledgling Serpentor Poison Spit: Fire a poison bolt at enemy. Cooldown: 8s
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