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  1. Does this include other rewards from the monthly ? (Especially tokens) Got pretty far on the monthly, would suck to have it reset and only recieve the pet when i'm in dire need of the tokens. And about being able to complete it towards the end of the month, i've got a busy schedule with exams and the likes in school so might not be able to play at that point. (Thus the question) Cheers
  2. You only hear complaints about it because generally people love to complain, however praise? not so much. I rarely ever see any posts on the forums that are not complaints or suggestions for change. There are tons of things about this game that are lovable and well made, people that do enjoy these things spend their time ingame enjoying it. Whereas if you have something you dislike, you want to change it and make the active choice to make a forum post. Just because X group is louder and produce more noise doesnt mean they're the only group that exists.
  3. I would love for them to add ways to do more diverse builds and make more of them viable that already exist. However i would very much NOT like it to be item effects. Tons of item effects makes it a living hell to actually ever get the gear to do the build you want. Even now i have yet to get a single weapon with the right stats + affixes. With more item affixes it would be even worse |: Want more builds? Add more towers. 4 is way to small of a pool to give the game any kind of build variety.
  4. Say i managed to somehow get perfect gear for a Blazoon build (Cant remember the exact special effect it has on gear, but you know what i mean) reckon it would outdo explosive traps? Say i start off using traps, and after X hours of using that im suddenly sitting on enough gear to run Blazoon, is it worth it or na? :)
  5. It's just an explosive trap that is good for physical lanes. ?if trip wire buffs it Previously it has had issues with trigger range/explosion range and lower attackspeed and stuff. Basicly it had enough negative shenanigans to make the magical damage/slim chance of mediocre elemental combos feel redundant. Not sure if these have been changed, though. Thus my question. :p
  6. So elemental chaos is allright/good now'days? I find that hard to believe considering how it has been horse*** since the dawn of time but.. Did something change about it?
  7. Hey guys, been out of the loop for quite some time. Knowing how the poison dart/balloon tower (or just the huntress in general) has been subject to alot of back n forth changes over the months, i feel extremely out of the loop. I LOVE the huntress, but i cant be bothered trying to make her a tower builder if it's just absolute ***e. Kind of want to know what gear to aim for when i do start to farm, instead of getting half the gear and realizing i need to make her an attacker. So, state of the huntress in relation to tower power builds? What do you build if you do want to make her a viable builder? Power? Crit? speed? Blow my mind ladies and gentlemen <3
  8. So far i've only encountered it in DD2, game's i've been playing include: WoW, Skyforge, Wildstar, Battlefront 3, League of legends, Heroes of the storm among others. Didn't try windowed with vsync but did try windowed in general, never had to use vsync before and it wasnt screentearing so not sure it would help. |: Will try in a bit though. Did a clean install with my gpu drivers after getting W10 (Swiped and installed w10 drivers, after that all i've done is update said w10 drivers) For settings i'm just using standard ones, fullscreen 1920/1080 and high. Edit: May also add the drivers or any such thing don't actually crash.. more like they just run incorrectly.
  9. Heya. It's been a while (quite long actually) since i was on DD2, figured i'd give it another go now with the new patches. I believe this is the first time i'm running DD2 with W10. So i'm not entirely sure if that's related but: My issue; upon starting DD2, even in the menu screen i've got some weird gfx distortion that causes half the game to start flashing/blinking aka appearing, disappearing, appearing etc etc. Certain parts only change color and others vanish entirely. An example is that in loading the characters disappear and it's only an empty background. I've got my latest GPU drivers etc so that shouldnt be the issue, it's a fresh re-install of the game, i tried verifying the gamecache. Any ideas?
  10. If you posted on previous DD forums, the post count transfers here. I posted alot in DD1 and DDE forums, hence my 1k post count. everyone with an account on these forums before november last year got a free 500 posts. i didnt :(
  11. There was a whipe on forum post counts, and if you posted prior to that whipe/posted recently after it or something along those lines you were donated 500 posts. (I didnt get mine :( )
  12. Not sure if that is the reason that they are taking it out, besides something about animations not working right, but I think making it so that each mob can't be affected by the same trap more than once would be the easiest way to fix that setup from being OP That would make traps absolutely terrible though unless you heavily multiplied their damage. |: Between the damage from being in an electrical aura whilst being knocked up, then the time spent in it whilst stunned, plus the extra combo damage, then the time to walk to the next geyser at the other end of the aura, knocked up, stunned again, combo damage again, then the damage from any AA/flameburst/any towers nearby during that whole duration, I still think it could be extremely viable to use a geyser/aura combo, especially in a meta where DS isn't a primary stat which would the few options for CC much more valuable If you had a constant stream of enemies all close to each other, at the geysers default cooldown, it might hit like half the enemies, so I would imagine with DS being a secondary stat that they should probably lower the reset timer on geysers to compensate a bit. Of course this is all my opinion, and if you think different I can totally respect that, we can't really know anything until we see how it all goes down Geiser aint the only 'trap' though. Placing an explosive trap that can only deal damage once per enemy would render it absolutely useless. I mean it's bad now, but imagine if it could only hit each mob once. -Shivers-
  13. Not sure if that is the reason that they are taking it out, besides something about animations not working right, but I think making it so that each mob can't be affected by the same trap more than once would be the easiest way to fix that setup from being OP That would make traps absolutely terrible though unless you heavily multiplied their damage. |:
  14. And tossing in a random monetizing system right before official release sounds like a good idea for a F2P game? If anything kills a game/franchise it's a bad monetizing system. Game is released -> Monetizing system is crap and unpolished -> People dont buy stuff -> Developement shuts down cause they've got no funding. Half of the costume content is even obtainable without paying. They released it now for feedback, so that the system is well polished for the official release. Not to make money. And i couldn't agree more with them on that decision. They're keeping the games future in mind regarding funding and gameplay. Also, like mentioned above, different devs for different shenanigans. What's the difference between hiring a guy/team to work on costumes/monetization now rather than later? I doubt they have super devs that can do any kind of work in any part of the game and just toss them around to different projects on a whim. So the "But he could've worked on 'content'" card is rather invalid. Also, costumes are actually 'content'. I can guarantee you that they are working on gameplay content that is unrelated to the monetizing system aswell. They're just developing both fronts early on in order to have a well polished game on release, rather than an unpolished mess released 1 week prior. (Monetizing system)
  15. It doesn't really bother me, i could find it annoying that in the same character, it's towers contradict itself... That would suck. I do like more diversity. I would see as Flameburst + Freeze slow to act as drench. Drench/steam boiled/etc :D
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