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  1. I'm level 84 and did deeper well in massacre in the campaign. The following does not work now: * Start Deeper well massacre pure strategy * Join a browser session Deeper well pure strategy * Join a browser session Deeper well survival ( can start solo, but not join ) Is this a bug, or is it right and I'm missing something ? It is frustrating, because solo it is at least impossible, to farm good gear, most more possible together in a session. Does anyone have any idea what's going on?
  2. Please use Icons instead of Text, when displaying the defense shortcuts. If you use Mouse buttons/Wheel it looks real mess.
  3. Perhaps not so important, but it would still be nice. When join to a session, or the group leader starting a map, i dont know thr difficult rate or mapname. Please show this Information at least, after pressing escape and in the statistic view.
  4. gujeg

    Upgrade Bags

    I have a bought some 18 slot bags, and can't buy other bags, because the bag limit is reached. It would be great if you could upgrade the 18 slot bags to 30 slost bag for ingame money, or not ?
  5. Sometime i dont know, wich Levelrange and Difficulty i am. This should be shown anywhere in the UI. Or it is possible to determine that in a running session, and I just do not know how ?
  6. Ok, i do not know what was going on, from today everything is back to normal. The degree of difficulty feels back to normal. And anyway, you are the best :-)
  7. Is it possible, that the game is since the 1.1 update significantly heavier ? With the patch 1.0 i have done all maps in "normal" and lot of maps in "hard" allone. Since today its impossible for me to survive the first wave in "hard", even on "normal" its alone hardly possible to win. the opponent overrun me now, although I setup the same as yesterday. Please developers, think also of the players who like to play alone !
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