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  1. I found that the Drain Aura mod works for Monk perfectly fine but for some reason does nothing for the Initiate? Does anyone know if this is intended or indeed a bug?
  2. I understand your point, but boosting is/was a BIG problem before loot progression was introduced. Your friends could be doing Nightmare 4 (which was like Trials back in the day) and you could join them with a Lvl 1 Character, and level him to 50 in about 3-4 runs if not less, then grab all the loot, and be a ipwr 750 in less than a day, but you say you don't see how boosting is a problem, that is because in your break years it was and they fixed it now. If anything you should be grateful that they introduced it, it makes the game more challenging, gear progression is actually very simple to
  3. I can not believe that I would be making a post about this but honestly, I need to get out my frustrations. Power of the Ancients so far has been a massive disappointment and a missed opportunity. For now, let's back up and explain my angle. I recently came back to Dungeon Defenders 2 after what must be a 2-year break or so. I'm also a 3rd-year Game Design student and found my way back here after remembering the fun I had with it alongside friends. So we got stuck into the Trials system, initially thinking that it was pretty solid until we got to Chaos V. The Assassins really tore us up as wel
  4. [[16155,users]] Unfortunately, you can't morph the eggs to get golden premium pets. Otherwise, I would love to have an even shinier Katkarot :D But yeah, I also received a second egg at the same time as the first and that duplicate kept reappearing in my temp inventory every time it was rearranged elsewhere. Now I'm stuck with the "1 item sold for 500 gold" message every time the bags are opened
  5. it is, the rarity is set and golden pixxie is mythic. The rarity is displayed as Mythic for all of the Creeper pets, but my Whodo came out as an Epic, which is why I'm left confused too
  6. Update time! I've hatched my egg and got myself an Epic Golden Whodu. I think the stats are pretty high but I'm not sure since I don't own another Whodu. So it seems getting that Pixibell, as well as getting it Legendary is going to be a very lucky feat.
  7. [[39871,users]] Yeah, you need to be level 50 to unlock the easy difficulty under the endgame option
  8. [[62116,users]] I'll try that now and post back in a bit And for everyone asking, Endgame, Onslaught, Easy, Siphon Site D is where I got it.
  9. @Angelatic-birdy I'm not sure if I got it specifically at wave 15 but I'll repeat it in a bit and see if it is a definite drop
  10. If you mean when does it rot, the egg never rots, but if it helps I've been spamming Siphon Site D for pet food. Just make sure to take the pets option as a reward and it should appear on rare occasions.
  11. I just received one as a reward from an Onslaught mission and it even seems to have a unique pet that only comes from the egg! Has anyone else seen these pop up?
  12. Even before the patch, I have been stumped as to how iPWR works. Normally, you'd think that the higher it is, the greater that piece of equipment will be but I've seen time and time again that it isn't necessarily true. Some items that boast such enticing numbers can sometimes come up with worse iPWR than the one you have equipped, which led me to think: How is iPWR calculated? I've never gave it too much thought until now, it was always something that was more of a slight irritant rather than a complaint but since the newest update and the wipe, it has become much more of a problem to me. Wh
  13. From around the time the new hotfix came in, I've had nothing but the same pets coming out of the eggs I've hatched, which I'm really irked by. I don't know if there is some kind of bug maybe that only affects a few people or if I'm just unlucky but either way it's really starting to drive me up the wall. Screenshot of my pet bag: http://puu.sh/hPmaE/d481ebf959.jpg If only I could trade these pets away :(
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