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  1. Played till they release the Barbar Class and did a break to see what DD2 got in store after I retrun and with a pleasent suprise I saw the "PROTEAN SHIFT" update - neat. What really bumps me is the returning "connection issues". The returning "sorry your session timed out" message comes back up again after leaving a party and trying to jump to town/tavern. Unable to join certain partys or randomly wont follow the party to the next map (session no longer exists or is full...wat) and so on. I contacted Trendy before my break and came up with my own solution to solve the connection problem
  2. Sounds good . Going to try that out. Thanks :)
  3. Hi there, im currently beat Floor 64 with my Buddy and it took us quite some time but so far we only had problems with lanes which are filled with frost enemys. Is there a certain build or tower which helps against them? the little meele yetis are rly strong and tanky aswell, the frozen cyborgs freeze towers which touch them and so on.
  4. Found a fix to this problem deactivate all your network drivers except the one your currently using. That helped me and now I can play without any problems what so ever.
  5. Sooo with the newest patch I get this lovely message. after completing a map and trying to return to the tavern or the HUB the game takes a awefull long time in the "searching for session" screen after it gives me a "sorry your request has timed out" which was never the case before the patch. even sometimes from the town or private tavern the game takes an awefull long time to find a match. this happens for every map or whats so ever. my internet connection is stable , the game is on the whitelist via firewall and anti-virus system so no idea where this is commuing from and its just an
  6. hmmm ok gonna try that out losta 5.5k gold weapon cause of this today on onslaught the game decided to crash after I tried to move to my tavern and it denied my loot from the chest where I got that weapon. If I cant find a solution I might have to stop playing .
  7. Same here but well not my Laptop only the Game itself
  8. DungeonDefenders2.exe has stopped working ..... it happens all the time when I play Onslaught or Chaos Trails. After I exit a map (completed it) and try to go the next map (load screen) all of a sudden the circle at the bottem right stops and the .exe crashes. Yes I have a 32-Bit System and yes its not made for playing games in this kind of time but tbh I get the minimum system req. and only because I have a weaker Bit-System running I can play the game without this crash. Even Onslaught is a no go since u cant reenter a party which started the Map already same sometimes with Chaos.
  9. First, welcome to the Chaos trials! Don't do what I need and just expect it to be a normal run of the mill map. The Trials are where you need to think a bit more about your set up and your hero's. So since your on Chaos 1 the Chaos enemy here is Shielded Goblins and these Goblins reflect FRONTAL projectile damage so this includes your Cannons, Harpoons, Rams etc any defence that fires a projectile will deal 0 damage against these Goblins. So your main friends here are the Aura's and other field type defence's and assuming you have the monk and the mage dood this set up should help. Monk: Plac
  10. I got one yesterday from the Campain Mode - Nimbus Reach Hard mode. It was a legendary Chest loot never got an Orb from Chests below or from a Mob drop.
  11. Hello there, well I beat the Story mode yesterday and did most of the Maps in Hard aswell. Now I wonder what to do next? Mastery Mode or Chaos Trail is out of the question since I get beaten very quickly . The best I got was wave 3 / 5 and thats where I lost. I guess I have to Hard-Grind at the moment? My Ascension level is 21 - I know not very high but it was enough to beat the Hard maps so far. If Hard-Grinding is the answer any tips on which map to constantly spam ?
  12. Sometimes when I replay this Stage the map on the top right screen is not there... I have no Idea which causes this Problem every other Map works perfectly fine. Kinda a bummer to exit to the tavern and restart the map. Someone else have or had that problem?
  13. Well, as of now, only Incursions and Mastery do have the replay button, private or public. The other two gamemodes which is Campaign and Trials, you can't replay, private or public. Oh I see well ok thanks for the quick answear
  14. Hi is it possible to replay the current map in a private session ? Even when im playing alone? Since I dont see a "replay map" button in the end game screen
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