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  1. http://forums.trendyent.com/showthread.php?17386-The-secret-room-and-a-small-request.
  2. This has to be the most idiotic post i've ever seen... Destroying what ****ing lore?, ah you mean the lore that trendy themselves has created for their own game that thousands of people enjoy every day? Where the hell do you see the connection between this and D&D?
  3. Here's a picture. http://steamcommunity.com/id/biikuajet/screenshot/595827150633892639?tab=all Just add me on steam and give an offer, or do it right here.
  4. Oh man Biik, I know what you're talking about. I'm suffering the same terrible terrible luck when it comes to drops as you, hell my current best VW would barely scratch 5k DPS, well at least it's my first one with multiple projectiles! I mean it's not like it took me 30 or so runs to even see one with +Proj or anything... I'm just under the impression that the game hates me, ah well I'll continue playing either way, my lucks gotta turn around eventually! Yeah, I actually have a rather good VW, but only because my mate had 3 really good ones (30+ up's) to spare, so i could get rid of my 13+
  5. I went into this briefly in a Suggestions thread I made earlier, and I feel your pain. It is wierd how much of the gear on my lvl 70 chars came from playing through the campaign on medium/hard, and not the hours and hours I've spent doing farming runs on hard/insane. I usually love randomisation in games like these, but sometimes it's too random, there is no consistency at all. It also doesnt help that we can uppgrade items, it makes it very hard to make snapjudgement if something is actually better. Indeed.
  6. i just wish hard mode would stop dropping anything that has missing stat sections... also, who's bright idea was it to make cursed items drop on insane? seriously, wtf? This thought has plagued me as well.
  7. I also think my example was off, I think that higher difficulties low end items dip way into their smaller brother's high ends. Maybe trendy will tweak the tables. I would really, really hope so... A developers point of view on this matter would be nice tho. Would like to know if it's actually working as intended while i'm just a whining unlucky *******, or if there's any chance of a change what so ever.
  8. I think what you want is the spectrum of possibilities narrowed - I believe right now the difficulty only increases the range of an item's potential (Medium damge 30-50 as opposed to hard damage 50 - 70 for example) but I do agree the rate at which it increases for difficulties is a bit small Pretty much yes. I would like it so that you are allmost guaranteed to get better drops on a higher difficulty. I'm having a hard time seeing the point in doing a level on insane instead of medium or hard if it's 100% random wether or not you're gonna get better gear than what you currently have. Whe
  9. On a farm point of view, only glitter matter since after each run the tavern is filled with good stuff (maybe). other maps wont. and its tiring. i dont see many people stay in the next months exept all the hardcore if all we do all day long is farming the same map for randomised gear. Exactly, and it is bloody boring. I for one just like you am having a hard time seeing people stay for any prolonged period of time when all we're doing is farming the bonus level in infinity so that we can up the current gear.
  10. I think in this game farming and grinding IS the content. Seeing that I completed 'every map' on medium when I was like lvl 30 doesn not mean I beat the game. In order to get all the achievements and be able to do insane whatever - you need gear, and where does that come from? You shouldn't see Ramparts Hard as a farm, you should see it as fun to do. Change your layout, etc. Oh you got tired of Ramparts on Hard? So do it on Insane. Got tired of Glitterhelm? Then do another map. There's plenty. Loot is random, which is what I like. Imagine if you would always get the same weapon after a map.
  11. To the OP I was thinking similar thoughts that i could never do hard glitt. Then some of the kind gents mentioned using auras while char swapping. Well, i leveled my apprentice to 70 and then created a monk. By the time he was level 20 his auras were strong enough to make glitt stupid easy for my apprent towers. Ensnare gives the monsters such a drastic increase to time under fire prior to reaching the barrier that it is rather humerous. You do lightning and one ensare at each point. Then do 2 mm and2 fb behind each of those. Then sprinkle in some death towers. I use death tower at the
  12. You thought that was bad? Try getting MULTIPLE animii with NO projectile bonus and SPS values BELOW 4. All consecutively. That's what i just got. But i won't get several in a row, since i have to bad gear/skil to actually solo this level on insane.
  13. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O9g7H3n3TxY This.
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