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  1. Its great to have the option to reroll, I absolutely love that. However I hate the way it is done atm. You are only able to reroll once and then stuck with whatever you choose. Now I've played this game a ton and still dont remember all the names of the maps, and especially the current iPWR requirements and such. When I reroll and I get an option to do a difficult daily mission, I cant check how difficult it is, so I either take it and hope I can do it, or I take an easier one and mabye miss out on a mission that I could have done. I feel like the reroll shouldnt be a one of off thing. 

  2. Hey guys, 

    So I rerolled my daily mission today to see what my choices were, and without realizing what the map was and how difficult the map is going to be, I accidently chose to win the gates of dragonfall Incursion. My iPWR is only 174, therefore I cant do the map in public just yet. I dont have any close friends that play this game, so I am climbing the iPWR tiers alone which is quite difficult honestly. I was wondering if anybody or any party could help me out with this daily mission, it would be very much appreciated.


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