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  1. I guess that kinda does make sense. I feel they could have then just given it as a powerful or Epic pet isntead of mythic so that it rolls lower stats.
  2. Is the Grumpy not meant to have empower stats? or is mine bugged?
  3. Thanks xD rerolling is great but I dont like that you can only do it once :/ I dont remember all map difficulties!
  4. Its great to have the option to reroll, I absolutely love that. However I hate the way it is done atm. You are only able to reroll once and then stuck with whatever you choose. Now I've played this game a ton and still dont remember all the names of the maps, and especially the current iPWR requirements and such. When I reroll and I get an option to do a difficult daily mission, I cant check how difficult it is, so I either take it and hope I can do it, or I take an easier one and mabye miss out on a mission that I could have done. I feel like the reroll shouldnt be a one of off thing.
  5. Hey guys, So I rerolled my daily mission today to see what my choices were, and without realizing what the map was and how difficult the map is going to be, I accidently chose to win the gates of dragonfall Incursion. My iPWR is only 174, therefore I cant do the map in public just yet. I dont have any close friends that play this game, so I am climbing the iPWR tiers alone which is quite difficult honestly. I was wondering if anybody or any party could help me out with this daily mission, it would be very much appreciated. Cheers
  6. Great Idea! Would love to find a group to play with :) SID: BigBadaBoom The account should be based off netherlands!
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