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  1. That happens me too sometimes. I brought this up befor and they said they'll look in to the problem and since I've not been crashing. But sometimes when I have alot of other tabs up it can happen to crash because of not responding to server, or just lagg. I hope this isnt something that will lead to other issues, since people already been complaining of loosing legendarys. Soon or later it will possibly be gone! xoxo SaraNeko
  2. Having DD2 on Mac and iOS will be great for all those that really want to play DD2 but does not own a pc. Nice to make it avaliable for them too!
  3. There will be and already beeing worked on new gamemodes and map, maybe there will be something like this! I just cant wait untill the PvP comes out, hehe. That will be a great feature! xoxo SaraNeko
  4. Happens to everyone if you try to enter a too high lvl range.
  5. I acctually think this would be something fun to have, not to make people ***y about beeing the #1 but just to share and show that you do really like this game as much as you would spend the whole day just playing it, event tho it might not be out befor beta. But I would not have anything against having one! xoxo SaraNeko
  6. Dont worry, there will be a trading feature in the game later on!
  7. Well, since DD2 is supposed to be like League of Legends and Dota 2, I dont think that would be a fair moba game.
  8. Woud finally not need to run and check every trap! ^^
  9. I think this would be great for all those that regret naming their heros to: ImTiredOfNamingHeros, when they realize that the character becomes their main hero and they cant be bother to level up another. ;) Many games do have this furute and I think its something that the DD2 community would like aswell! xoxo SaraNeko
  10. I dont understand why you would even bring this up. I love trowing birds and wind at the mobs! ^^
  11. I agree! This would be a really good thing to have. I mostly think they didnt make it from the beginning because you mostly instantly equip your new item loot. I've played with locks on items on other games and I must say that was a really nice future because of how many event items there was. Hope they make this idée avaliable! xoxo SaraNeko
  12. Banned cus youre all cute! ♥ Meow *purrrrr*
  13. Yes, after the beta will the game be free. xoxo SaraNeko
  14. Will PvP and wings be added in the furture?
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