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  1. * I was going to comment, but then I read the text on that picture... 

    I use Google Chrome and it works fine for me. Only had problems seeing/loading the caption image at first but the smart little apprentice [[43252,users]] was there for my save and told me to just press F5. Creds given meow :3

  2. When Gutu aka Anfifo tell me he is at McDonalds, this is all I can think about...

    * Note: He is a really cheesy guy.

       - - - - - - - -

    - Welcome to McDonalds, what would you like to order?

    - Hi, I'll have an Ancheezo-burger co. with extra cheese please.

    - And for your drink?

    - Hm... One Gutu-Cola without ice, too cool.

    - Ok, anything else?

    - Oh ye and that cream, Mc Fluffifo.

    - That will be $13.37 please. Your order will be done in about 2 mins, thank you.


    * The picture is a League of Legends reference

  3. @Gutu quote:

    @Bunniecake quote:

    @Fozzie quote:

    Friendly fire for capture the egg or tower wars for sure but not in co-op TD.

    Collisions definitely on for me.

    Play a game with Gutu and SaraNeko and you know how fun would friendly fire be! :3


    Friendly fire could be a toggle on/off

    But never ever remove collision please... It's like the best thing ever...  It's so funny to stand on them.

    *shots fired* opss.. misclick 
    - x10

    Heheh.... ♥

  4. @Bunniecake quote:

    This the incursion map layout, we have only 5 incursion maps. Ramparts, Ruins, crossroads, liferoot, wyvern den.

    On 25++ and 25+ we have all the others except the 2 first maps.

    On 20+ Free play we have them all.

    The simple answer is that the maps you can't access, don't have the game mode you are in.

    Betsy betsy 25+++++

  5. @Gutu quote:

    @Bunniecake quote:

    I'm a bit confused about this, back to what patch? The drop rates were boosted up on foundation 1 and haven't been decreased ever since. Or have I missed some changes made on the low lvl ratios.

    that is correct, no logged/warned change happened, so they didn't directly change it since foundation 1.

    to OP:

    2. which levels? 

    3. Where did you come up with these numbers?

    4. Gutu the cutest? 

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