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  1. Banned cus that's not only one too many you in your text. Katy pls :P
  2. banned for saying '' you hate me so much that u love me, wait wat '' youre cute
  3. Banned cus ... it takes more time to like than to write > from Sara to Gutu
  4. My tail got pretty hot... Maybe not the best for fluffy furs :3
  5. Banned for expecting me to know when im not on :c i know now tho when u told me >.> nnnh
  6. *looks at Joshs post amount* ooo :3 It's over 6000! Grats ^^ Only 3k to go.
  7. * I was going to comment, but then I read the text on that picture... I use Google Chrome and it works fine for me. Only had problems seeing/loading the caption image at first but the smart little apprentice [[43252,users]] was there for my save and told me to just press F5. Creds given meow :3
  8. Summer, but... born in Januarii... Close enuf >^< Snow or Rain? :3
  9. When Gutu aka Anfifo tell me he is at McDonalds, this is all I can think about... * Note: He is a really cheesy guy. - - - - - - - - - Welcome to McDonalds, what would you like to order? - Hi, I'll have an Ancheezo-burger co. with extra cheese please. - And for your drink? - Hm... One Gutu-Cola without ice, too cool. - Ok, anything else? - Oh ye and that cream, Mc Fluffifo. - That will be $13.37 please. Your order will be done in about 2 mins, thank you. http://st.elohell.net/public/chill/8203e9a1de6db949c9b7d3b628a48d84.png * The picture is a League of Legends reference
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