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  1. Hey @Trendy, wouldn't it be better if the current game browser has a level lock system? What I mean by this is, only certain levels can enter that game. To some people (Including me), it would be kind of annoying if someone joins a lower difficulty level using their End-game tier characters and would just wreck things up, ruining up the fun out of possibly who seeks for one. I think an overhaul to the game browser would be better :\ That's pretty much what I want to point out. Below is just a little story of mine I had earlier going when I was leveling and a person joined up to ruin it. Note
  2. I'm not really into Animes, I've only watched these ones because most of my friends got me into them. And surprisingly, they are pretty good. Here's a few of them that I'd recommend : - Log Horizon [ If you are into "people trapped in a video game" sort of thing ] Currently has 2 seasons. - Black Rock Shooter [ I can't really explain the whole situation, but it is pretty awesome. Has a couple of sad scenes as well ] I think BRS has around 8 or 9ish episodes. Kinda short, but it really is something. - Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae o Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai, or AnoHana for short. [ Really really
  3. Waiting for DD2 to update be like..
  4. I believe the party leader system thingy has something to do with whoever loads into the tavern first, gets to be the leader of that specific party since it auto-picks. In my opinion, instead of fixing this, I would like to suggest on having an option to change the party leader :D
  5. You're just the best person Croc :3 ¯\_( 'v')_/¯
  6. ...And you will! In the next update, Trendy will change the Itsy-Betsy's pet skin into something much more cuter (In my opinion). And based on their 27th Devstream, the Itsy-Betsy will get 2 evolutions as well as it will get a cool unique Ability.
  7. Hope I'll be able to get up in time and watch both the weekly stream and the Social Tavern My question would be : In terms of matchmaking, which do you guys prefer? A Server Browser or Standard Matchmaking (The one that is currently used in the DD2 system). If so, why would you pick on that? Or if you guys have any other ideas that you'd like to share regarding matchmaking, that'd be awesome :D Thanks in advance :-)
  8. I believe this is a bug regarding the Forest Crossroad map not ending correctly after the third boss dies. This happened to me and a friend of mine a while back. Had to sit hours, waiting for the round to end. We eventually left the game and started a new one though, which went perfectly fine.
  9. Ooh! Loving the new style for the website so far. It looks rather eye-friendly, as well as letting the artwork on the background stand out :D I'd like to give a feedback regarding the posts in "Devstream Posts" and "Influence Posts" section. It would be nice to have a "Read More" option to those who type in a wall of paragraph as a single post (No offense). Maybe like after they reach in a certain number of letters, it will hide out the rest and give the readers a Read More option if they would like to see the rest. Imo, this is good because it'll allow more posts to be seen before you click o
  10. You'll still have about 1 - 2 hours left to do it. Hopefully the server gets back up really soon. Cause it seems that not only you are having the problem :o
  11. Not too bad, still Red Riding Huntress is slightly better imo. Although, I do like this skin coming up with an additional victory animation
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