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  1. Whenever I start the challenge, i can set up np, as soon as the combat starts and a few spiders get close, it crashes my game, dundef.exe has stopped working. Ive done the whole verifying cache etc on steam, nothing seems to help. I can play other maps with spiders np, just Portal Defence crashes everytime. Anyone else had this problem, or know any way to fix it ?
  2. They are busy, having fun, getting drunk and enjoying Xmas :D As am I ! MERRY CHRISTMAS !!!! *cracks open another tinny*
  3. Ill be honest, i think this is most certainly has something to do with recent events. Inwhich, it was 100% a cheater passing off as a legit player, even admitting his acts of cheating, on this game and several others, proof that he was altering items in Ranked Mode. This for the biggest part of the community is pretty much a massive insult and a kick in the gonads. people feel genuinly robbed of a clean game. these people destroys games in a big way. Personaly i wasnt to nice to the poster, but i tryed my best to keep it civil. I facepalmed so much over a blatent hacker trying to convince s
  4. World of Warcraft has :) Keyboard macros were abused in Arenas
  5. Max resist is kind of a must for your active player (the one you'll be DPSing on), atleast for nightmare. Im still not sure what the optimal ammount is, due to the nightmare resistance nerf/buff/nerf/buff/buff/nerf/buff... It keeps changing :/ But ATM its 50% on nightmare, meaning youl only benefit from half of your resistances.
  6. Merry Christmas to all at Trendy !!! Dont work too hard :D
  7. So what do we see here again? The game is made for hardcore gamers. Whether that be true or not, its not about that, Personally im progressing alright, but the sudden rush of new modes/difficulties are frustrating, the gap between seems quite small.
  8. yes exactly, its not just legendary defender ach. some of the other stats are shocking. What would be great, would be the same stats with only active players, that have been logged in to trendynet in the last month or so. Not just for my/our sake, but i think it would help Trendy in a few ways.
  9. 100% = Bought the game Correct, but this means what? Ranked - ach and statistics Open - cheaters, hackers, modders, unfair gameplay hense no ach or stats. (srry I dont see the point in open, apart from trendy getting ideas for improving the game) ppl in open that never logged in to trendynet wouldnt be included in the stats right ?
  10. But if 43% of the players never logged on to Tnet, then they wouldnt be included in the statistics?
  11. Are these statistics really correct ? http://steamcommunity.com/stats/DungeonDefenders/achievements Look at the % that has completed Legendary Defender. This leads me to wonder, why do we need another difficulty already? I think even nightmare was probably too early, I get the feeling that This game is being catered for the wrong people. The players that complain there is no challenge are 90% of the ppl that abuse exploit and cheat the game to get an advantage. some are the lucky few that was online during the few hours of the 1st ever super loot mistake, they gained a MASSIVE advantage
  12. I Honestly think nightmare is well out of your reach, and you should farm UMF on insane(the 1st/normal one) for better gear, and not expect to skip content in hope of getting uber gear uber fast :) [QUOTE]When you are able to do campaign on insane, all the way, you should be potent to start on deeper wells nightmare campain. for me as a general game, that is logic. (i know this is horrible wrong in this game, cause you apparently need to do a bunch of other things in between of challenges and all kinds of whatnot. [/QUOTE] The gear grind is a must beforehand, we all did it. An alternati
  13. Its this hard so that hardcore players arent sat twiddling there thumbs with nothing challenging to do. There are some players that are a large step ahead for the majority, and need something challenging as much as the casual players. IMO, its not intended for casual players, its aimed at the people that complained like a plague on the forums due to having nothing challenging to do. generally, hardcore players. I think they could of done better yes, theres always room for improvment. but in a strange way they have given alot fo what has been asked for, a challenge, and a challenge it
  14. no one will buy that crap.... there is so much better, and not even vendoring them will gain you anything :/
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