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  1. I like the new one. I thought the old one looked really out of place with the rest of the game personally. I see some similarities between her and the huntress but I couldn't be bothered.
  2. I use the PDT whenever I play. The PDT is only viable for solo, in my opinion, seeing as the passive acts like a monk serenity aura - which gives me a spare slot for a dps toon. However with the 4 char cap going away I don't see myself using it anymore. I think the idea behind the PDT being a wall is just redundant.
  3. +1 to renames, but I would never pay to rename my toons. I would much rather just delete and remake a toon and level them. Also we'll be able to level 4 chars at once. So there's that.
  4. Not a rant, but rather my suggestion to make passives tidier, more meaningful and therefore more enjoyable. Most if not all of these ideas could also be applied to skill spheres however that is a topic for another thread. Currently I feel a sort of untidiness and redundancy regarding passives on gear, particularly armor. We have passives which act just like stats. If you look at 'Tripwire' , 'Pyromania' , 'Power Pole' , 'Full hearts' and other passives you will see the pattern. All these passives do, in reality, is just increase the scaling of the respective tower or ability. Now as a player
  5. I don't like the hero deck. I think it is the reason why I have never seen any of the huntress builds. I think that if we were allowed more freedom that people would be more keen to trying more builds, therefore lvling more chars, playing the game more, etc. At the very least, let me swap out heroes I do not use, if someone has a better waller than me, let me switch to my dps and not be stuck with one of my builders.
  6. 2 could be a good idea. Although I think players would not like a timer longer than 8 hours, even if they can reduce it through playing. I think players should be able to hatch atleast 6 eggs a day.
  7. I currently do not find hatching eggs exciting. You have a point - getting something much bettet than you expected - could be exciting to a degree, but I personally find that I haven't needed to work hard enough for that feeling. For me, if I can hatch pets whenever I want, it doesn't feel that special getting a decent pet, because my other 15 eggs are bound to get it too. I think that if there was a hatch timer, say 1 hour long, for incubating eggs it would break up this chain of free eggs and make each one more impactful. I feel that the previous 8 hour hatch time undermined the whole proces
  8. There are currently a few problems with how pets work, some of them are: Lack of excitement towards hatching pets, An unbalanced rot timer for eggs, and gambling for good role with premium pets. The first and last one are especially important in my opinion. My suggestion to these problems would be: Make the rarity of pets be determined as they drop so that yoi can immediately know if they will be good or not. This will allow players to (for the lack of a better word) upgrade to premium pets without the worry of getting a poor role. Adjust the incubation and rot timers relative to the e
  9. I think a quickcasting is also a viable option. Quickcasting, as seen in mobas, means when holding the key, the display range is shown and on release of the key is essentially left clicking. Having the Oil activate at the furthest point instead of cancel would remove the frustration of aiming too far multiple times.
  10. Banned for using the sad face emote "D:"
  11. And you would basically put it on par with the other ubers that are subpar currently. Nerfing something that is overpowered is a good idea, but nerfing it to the point where it is unusable is not. LSA are, as someone stated in this thread, 3 times as powerful as the next best thing, so is it not logical to reduce it's strength to ~1/3 of what it has now?
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