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  1. You always have good ideas. You should colab with trendy. YOU HEARING THIS IAMISOM? TALK TO THIS MAN. Or just say hi once in awhile. Hes very lonely.
  2. I'm almost starting to like it. I feel like theres a bit more strategy now. I'm actually using lightning auras at a certain distance from walls to catch the ranged folks, something I never had to do before because little dudes never meatshielded for them. I really liked attack speed for the shear entertainment value, but this certainly feels like there is more to work with. Still, its been a short time and I doubt many, if any, have reached endgame yet (mostly because it seems a bit glitched)
  3. Seeing towers attack so slowly is just a bit boring. Ideally change defense crit chance/damage on gear to defense speed/range. Make a bit of a crit boost available through spheres and modifiers the way speed and range currently are. Also, what nobody seems to have mentioned, geyser traps are virtually useless now. Huntress doesn't really have any appeal left except for hero damage, which seems too strict. Every other class, especially now that resistances seem more noticable, can both build and play a strong role with their hero. Kudos to whatever dev has to dig through all this. I apologize for our rather childish behaviour.
  4. She always did the core attack thing, but it rarely mattered because of how long it takes to add up.
  5. Same problem. Tried restarting the game and even making a new character. I can't make much progress because free play remains locked and its not efficient to level while playing a level 21 map. Please trendy, you are my only hope.
  6. I'm really happy with a wipe because it gives me another chance to play through it...4 times! I reached a point where all 4 of my characters were geared and I could simply AFK on a map after building for a few minutes. It was boring, the game was virtually over for me until onslaught and a pretty significant power creep comes around. As far as how much needs wiped, why not all of it? You have to regear and rebuild most of your stuff anyway, so wouldn't you want a more "authentic" experience? The gameplay is pretty focused around getting loot, so it confuses me why you would want to skip that part...
  7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aE_3n9tU1_Q
  8. It would be really hard for me to say a class is stronger because there isn't an endless mode to really test it. In my experience, all classes can easily pass a hard mode incursions, except the monk is kinda OP because his boost is usually a crucial component.
  9. The flamethrower one is probably glitched because the damage is 1/4 of the normal, and the range is about as large as a monk's aura. It spins to hit anything around it, but still...
  10. Your health is much more important. Get well soon. xoxoxo. and things.
  11. Are there plans to do more with the quest system, such as greater rewards or more than one quest a day? Is there a possibility of seeing quality of life purchases in the micro-transaction shop, mainly bags? Sorry if these have already been covered. I've been a bit out of the loop.
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