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  1. I know the level of this item is low but 0%?
  2. At this point I hope this is not how the future event will go, or at least the drop rate would rise, I don't really care what tier it is, I just want a reward to show I participate.
  3. Been playing public games with 3 others for at least 7 hours. Nothing yet, in non of my game there was anyone who had an egg as well. Feel like I'm cursed.
  4. Just a question, when it drops, does it says a mysthical item has appeared?
  5. How is solo play crap? They used 3 out of 4 classes which you could do as you unlock the 3rd slot on her deck which is way before you would reach hard.
  6. "Critical Damage is moderate" or high or low whatever the case is. could we have that reflect when we press E and point to the defense? It is very unclear as of now.
  7. When I am in a Private Tavern and wanted to join a public game, I will instead host a public one instantly and skipping the match making bit.
  8. Kill 1000 enemy with towers (should rename it to defense?) does not work at all
  9. Pet should now have a clear indicator whether or not it could be evolved.
  10. I hate how you talk with an NPC with [F] but when you want to read what he's going to say next I need to press [E].
  11. Both are same level and the epic one even have higher sell value but lower item power, please explain?
  12. I have obtained equipments saying +123.45 hero (or defense) crit chance (or damage) When I head to the hero stat, it says I have +0.01 of the above value from item after I equipped it. Can someone explain how it works an could dev makes it a bit more clear? That being siad, it could be a problem of myself.
  13. If tower attack rate is not coming back at least have their attack rate improve with upgrade which is a factor the could easily control. They could also have implement tower attack rate with a diminishing return which makes stacking attack rate not as effective as they would be in additive
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