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  1. It is only Ult+ so no censor is required.
  2. Tower or dps? ** EDIT - I had a look, I have pristine in everything except chest. Hopefully one of the others can help you with this piece :)
  3. You seem like nice guy. You can have one of mine for free. Add me on steam
  4. UPDATE Moonwalk and Johan_Kid have offered kindly to assist me in completing any requests I am unable to fulfil from my own collection. A big thank you to these 2 also :) Decided there would be people on here who might need this armor more than me. So I will be giving away my trans armor. I have a huge folder of trans armor and all of my tower armor has all sides and caps in tower damage at least. All my dps armor caps hero dmg, has AB2 and 80% of them have good Hero HP. I will be giving max of 3 pieces to anyone who wishes. Just tell me the piece you are looking for and I will see what I c
  5. This auction was a mess due to some misunderstandings by me. It is now closed and i apologise to all bidders but items are no longer available. Next time i will be more careful when conducting an auction.
  6. This one will close in 2 days. Reserves not met yet
  7. Looking for a good ult tower chest piece. At this rate would take it as B/O on anything :)
  8. Co updated. Now accepting armor sets/pieces valued on sight
  9. Co updated. Now accepting armor sets/pieces valued on sight
  10. Acen has put a link to all of the event signup threads if that helps. Can be found here Here
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