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  1. anyone pointed out that they broke serenity slow all the way to 0 now? ^^
  2. game is fine, qq wait the carrytrain I guess...
  3. so the Ilvl push up to 855 after all? I stoped at 48 when I didnt see any improvement on drop
  4. Ilvl on nimbus get stuck at 346-350 unlike what the war table say... So dont waste your time people :(
  5. The targeting system of tower is a huge problem, they should have a proximity priority on where it's aim, etc. Instead of shooting all the same target and lose a huge amount of dmg... Not to mention the delay...
  6. Knockup ability (polesmash/tornado) seems to activate earthshatter also, didnt test it in all situation tho
  7. I think, it's the other way around, it shouldn't shoot through environment, but SShhhh don't tell the dev! ;D
  8. Earthshatter need to hit a target in Line of sight before they start to hit enemy through wall. I presume that at the later game, One monster managed to go pass your geyser and activated this earthshatter. ;)
  9. even with better gear it became harder to do Rampart xD
  10. Foundation patch 2 or 1 seems to have added a delay on tower targeting (especially canon/flameburst/ballista). tower take around 0.5sec to switch target now, resulting in dropping the actual DPS dramatically and the viability of Apprentice/squire build. Was it intended?
  11. 54hours? can you build anything decent? or you look for carry? :o
  12. Not sure about this but, the time tower (canon/flameburst) take to switch target seems way higher than before patch. Right now, it take them half a second to switch if not more and with the way they pick their target, the actual DPS drop dramatically. I didnt find anything about this in the last patchnote ps: quite sure there was actually no delay before foundation
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