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  1. 499 I guess that counts. 1 crazyb1 2 Ram727 3 Zularis 4 shhquiet 5 Chomik_Mroku 6 starfox64_0 7 Pensrule1 8 WL-Sein 9 adydaking 10 Rock4lifedude3 11 TheBasketball4 12 adydaking 12 people yet we got over 50 views! I guess some clicked but dont want to enter :) ----------------- I used a random number generator between 1-12 and the winning number was 2. This means Ram727 won the Summoner Set. 1 week from now my work cyclus is done and i got a 5 day weekend. then I will host a massive give away giving away all my remaining sets. Ram727 please contact me in here please :)
  2. Almost there guys. I will post names here in a list with a number behind it and then use a generator :)
  3. I will give away my Summoner Set at 500 views on this video NMHC Sky City - Survival - Propeller Cat Farm. Its already at 420 so hopefully it will be done soon :) If it is succesful in short time then I will do more give aways with all my other sets. The Summoner Stats are: 3320 - 5064 - 2526 - 3320 Again if succesful I will give away 7 other sets. Booster Monk, Tower Monk, Tower Countess, Traptess, Tower EV, DPS Barb and DPS Jester. All you have to do is post a reply in the video with your dungeon defenders account name then post here aswell so I can link you to it.
  4. Ah okay then the ogre using ogre crush as example was just coincidence :P I like your idea about different colors I guess the ogre works fine :) Maybe you could show me some more examples?
  5. Looks good. Can the bottom text be maybe darker pink/purple or a different color that stands out? Whats your plan on the other pictures though? Cause sowing a ogre isnt really neutral. But I really like the concept very pleased with it :) Looks like your average youtube thumbnail and thats exactly what im searching for :) I checked youtube and it says the picture cant be bigger than 2 MB. Hope thats enough :)
  6. Hello, I am looking for a person who can make me pictures for my youtube channel. I have 26 videos of Dungeon Defenders and I want them all to have a matching thumbnail. So my question is if someone can make me those pictures. Its actually one and the same picture with with 26 different text on it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t2kfbTjEWuU&list=PLlKNxRylHwLKOfd0h_OY3hth8BJT2nhcB This should bring you to all my Dungeon Defenders videos. I was thinking of the same pictures with the exact same text as the titles on it. Or maybe "Leon Kaspers plays" or "Shadoureon plays" added above
  7. I was going to play DDE so I could make new videos for my youtube channel. For some reason I thought my character progress would be transferred but since it doesnt I dont feel like starting all over again. They could have patched the original DD and give the new maps for money as DLC... New tavern is bull**** too.. I dont want people in my tavern who summon everything to make your life miserable when checking inventory.
  8. Aww thats a bummer. Well I know it takes time and luck so I am willing to give all 7. Tonight I got nightshift but then im 5 days off. If anyone wants to help me let me know :) Contact me on Steam or Twitch. Both should be found on Shadoureon.
  9. So im desperate in getting both Greater Turkey Hunt achievements. I am not sure what a proper payment is for help on this map but after logging in I saw I had 7 Cubes laying around. Also I guess I can give away a dps set I dont know if cube value dropped in the last months. You would do me abig favour. I remember farming that map over and over again and just not looking forward to repeat that. I had to do it without proper pet even and just couldnt survive. Also does anyone have any news regarding the moonbase wether it will still come including achievement? I might have to save my towe
  10. I emailed a Trendy employee about this but never got an response. Am I allowed to generate income on Youtube off of my 26 DunDef videos? I cant find anything on the forum or wiki and I am terribly sorry if I did miss the obvious. I started streaming yesterday and want to start using my youtube channel also more proffesional. Still need a editing program to buy but im getting there. I can be contacted on steam ([Twitch] Shadoureon) or Twitch (Shadoureon). But ill ofcourse check this thread aswell.
  11. I quit this game not to long ago and instead of keeping the gear ill never use again I am going to give it away. Dungeon Defenders isnt currently installed at the moment so if you want a rough estimate of what my gear is capable off check these vids I made. http://forums.dungeondefenders2.com/showthread.php?110459-Guides-and-Full-Runs-by-Shadoureon I am still thinking of how to give away the gear if its just to random peeps here on this forum, via my youtube channel or to the amazing steamgroups out there. Got any ideas post them here. I just want my gear to good use. Some person who w
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