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  1. You should just keep your stuff. No point selling your stuff and getting your account banned along with whoever buys them for out-of-game currency. :)
  2. Auction closing in 1hr 30 mins
  3. Jesus42

    Item Check Thread

    Please send an uncensored version to me, harry, or DDAce. Sent in PM
  4. Bidding will end at 00:00 GMT+1 (6hr, 35 min from now)
  5. Jesus42

    Item Check Thread

    Item Check please: self-farmed but needs checked for auction proof Thanks
  6. Selling this self-farmed Fusion Rift. Item passed item check, current offer is 17CV by frqxn
  7. Maybe I'm missing something really obvious but my pet bank is full from trying to get better quality pets. The problem is I have no idea what to do with all these crappy pets I don't want. Is there something I am supposed to do with them? I can't even seem to delete them.
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