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  1. ye i had exactly the same thought.. where should this go? with my perspective, they just fucked up another game with the potential to be good with that move. all you have to do is grind for rifted gear, just go with 23-25 runs and thats it. takes long, nothing else. and its kinda boring to just play with DST. there are so many characters which have potential to be fun and good, but they are garbage. you have to lvl 40 characters, just to use every character in a particular situation, so you have the right rifted gear. in my opinion, thats just annoying. why cant we just have more rare gear, that makes all defense rifted? why even implement rifted? all you have to do right now is place DST, some auras, buff their range, maybe some traps if your dst not that good yet. and the EV: what to do with the proton beam that has almost no use at all? just playce a rifted electro that clears the whole map, so why go for the proton beam? same for shock beam? why would you use it if u have a huntress trap thats 100x more efficient doing that? what is the squire for? no one uses its defense, its jsut there to be there, but useless. so unbalanced. just make the weak defense stronger, that they are a viable consideration. right now, i can braindead spam my DST and still win. what a challenge. and it just makes it frustrating to farm so much rifted gear with always the same build: DST, auras and you are done. and you need so many characters just to farm even more geasr for them. not fun at all.. dunno, maybe they just added that so the hardcore community has something to do, while they wont release stuff? they said, they will work for years on this project and make it perfect, but thats what they have been saying alot, yet they failed always. i wanted a remake of DD1, just the graphic a little bit, the engine, so its not so laggy in the lategame, and maybe some QoL updates, like seperated loot, loot filters and a properly designed inventory and i am good. dunno what that rift mode actually does in that game.
  2. I thought this update gonna be huge and great. but i got disappointed. i would love to see some changes in the direction of dungeon defenders 1. I loved to see my exp bar how it grew each wave. the big auras were so huge and you felt so incredible good, even if u were bad. the synergy between turrets was so nice. buff beam and summoner + huge auras + healer. the update with the item passives: e.g. freezing with proton beams was so nice. you were able to syngerzie buff aura with proton + buff beam and some archer + mb pdt. this was a good idea. i would love to see more changes like that. even the drops were kinda balanced. the drops are so weak now and u cant get further. Dungeon defenders 1 was so perfect in its style. just copy that and try do add some fixes. it felt so great to play this. u had so much endless fun in endless mode and new heroic battles after you have done all the nightmare things. more hard challenges. BUT you allways had to syngergize the turrets. now its like place this one there. that one there.. Oh, you ran out of DU.. the idea with new enemys is interesting, but pls bring back the turret synergy + some maps with more DU were u can actually synergize the turrets. its impossible atm, because so less DU and the only the most guys do is: harpoon, rampster, wall... but thats no syngergizing turrets with each other. make oil turrets, and the other class burns them with huge dmg. or the hunter water traps syngergizing with anti air was so nice as well. just try to make it kinda like dd1.. please, everyone is here because dd1 was so great. we all loved the style of dd1. but the thing dd1 is missing: graphfics and a bit of gamestyle. and pls add a multiple selection for items in bags. horrible to switch 1 by 1 item to another bag ._. mfg
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