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  1. I uninstalled 2 days ago. I will keep an eye out on the game, but my hope is small. The most common complaints about trials was the limiting factors of the new mobs keeping you from playing the way you wanted. I feel like Trendy is ***ing with us given that they doubled down on this with the mastery making it map wide restrictions on top of the mob restrictions. It honestly feels like they are trying to kill off this game to move onto something new without outright saying "we are abandoning this game to move onto something new" as that would look bad for future releases if you "abandon" a game as a developer. However they did this with Dungeon Defenders Eternity, so it's not like it is out of the question..... I just don't get it. Feedback has been plentiful, but completely ignored. An endless mode should have been priority over this mastery. Allowing players to play the maps they want should have been priority over mastery. Not drastically increasing the thing that players have been most vocally against seems.........obvious. I don't get it. I have lost faith in the direction and decisions of this team.
  2. In regards to the price. DD2 used to have a price tag in alpha. Many people wanted the game to be a paid game like DD1 as they knew F2P games are just about cosmetic purchases, not about quality content. Are we asking too much given its a free game? Maybe. How do we change the industry to stop putting out low quality F2P games if we do not express our distaste for the model? I paid money for alpha access, and if I never brought up what bothered me about the game, developers would just look at the money made and call it a success, which it is not. I will pick the F2P scab until it bleeds and is viewed as a hindrance to gaming as it exclusively leads to lesser content than paying up front.
  3. Shard system overall is pretty decent, My only request is that same shards would stack in inventory. Given that bag auto sort does not put like shards next to each other and shards share so many graphics, it is a monumental task to see if shards are duplicates. A shard bank/book will only help if they can stack or put like shards next to each other. It would also be cool if you could "Roll Up" shards. For example, sacrifice 5 campaign shards to make a chaos 1 shard. Sacrifice 5 chaos 1 shards to make a chaos 2 shard, etc. Maybe have a re-roll option where you can sacrifice 3 chaos 2 shards for another random chaos 2 shard. Currently I am just overloaded on certain never used shards.
  4. The Good: 1. Game seems to run a little more smoothly. 2. Less lag in town/tavern. 3. Towers seem to be a little more equal and balanced. 4. 1 player no longer taking full party back to tavern. The Bad: 1. Mobs that counter towers. I know the community is split on this. 2. About 1/10 times loading into/out of games result in an infinite load screen that does not end (Well I waited 10 minutes before CTRL ALT DELETING out of the game) My rig is far and beyond the recommended specs. I have verified game cache, reinstalled, and done other general troubleshooting. 3. Inventory management. I don't have a proposed solution, but managing items in the bags just feels...wrong. I wish they could just steal inventory management from Diablo 3. 4. Ascension still defeats the purpose of having 1 hero per type. I am glad I still had 2-3 of each hero from my old playtime. 5. I would rather deal with leechers and noobs getting carried to C7 than the way they implemented loot and chaos progression. I have loot with higher stats that I have to not wear because lower stat gear helps me get better gear. This could be because I have old legendary, but when I have to take a 8k DPS hit on flame aura at rank 1 to get better gear something is wrong. This also does not stop lowbies from joining high tear either as nowhere is gear progression explained unless you do outside research. FTP games do not attract gamers who do research. 6. I get stuck rollers and stuck ogres in about 1/3 games. 7. In about 1/10 games everyone will ready up and the game will just sit there and never begin causing everyone to have to disconnect and ruin their trials combo streak. 8. Why can we not pick the trials map we want to run? Why not have all maps in all trials? 9. Still no host controls to kick toxic/AFK players. I just do not understand this one in a multiplayer game. Is Trump a developer here? 10. Endless mode should have been a priority over trials. Endless is end game, not Chaos tears. It is much easier to balance endless mode than an unscalable chaos tier. I came back because I want to enjoy this game. But as you see above, the scales lean towards unfinished game. Trendy, this game has the potential to scratch all of my gaming itches, but instead it gives me hives. Maybe another 4 month break will yield better results....maybe.
  5. Positivity is great and all, but we need to be careful to not mislead developers into thinking things are ok at this time. It is hardly a diamond. On paper, sure, it's a diamond. In theory, sure, its a diamond, In practice, coal.
  6. I would wait a couple months before coming back. Game is............ *stay positive*.......different at the moment.
  7. Making things more difficult = good. Making things more difficult through limiting playstyles/content = bad. One would think the implementation of the siege roller would have taught this lesson. Instead it seems as if they doubled down on everything bad about the siege roller. To be honest I would have preferred the big update only included the ascension/shards and had it more fine tuned and less buggy, than to also include these new enemies. I don't feel as if they were tested enough. No enemy should be able to disable/instantly destroy a "non-targetable (auras,traps,etc)" tower. I know you hate the DD1 comparisons, but they did fun stuff with mobs that didn't feel as (hard is not the right word, but "fun killing"). Spiders slowed traps for a few seconds. cyborcs shut them off for long periods until the next orc comes to keep it disabled(making them fully useless). Assassins didn't even target towers/crystal, but targeted players and ignored walls (This should have been the enemy that was introduced to combat AFKs, not the siege roller.) Ideas on how to balance(as I don't want to complain without offering a solution): Siege Roller: Make it a Hover siege and make it immune to ground defenses not destroy them. Cyborks: Make it drastically slow trap instead of disable. Cut the defense speed of impacted trap by 50% for 5 seconds. Penetration shields: Have it disable after taking a certain amount of damage. The above suggestions increase difficulty without making most towers obsolete. Before someone comes in and says these changes would make it too easy, increase the difficulty through raising things like monster health/speed/resistance, as those changes don't nullify certain buildables.
  8. Overall I like the update. I like the shards, ascension, etc. I am hating the fact that I feel like I have slipped my towers a weed brownie as their AI has become super clunky and random. I understand the range/speed/crit/damage nerfs, but something else feels off about towers than just the stats. For example, why do volcanoes struggle so hard to target flyers even if the flyer is the only thing in range of the tower? Why does it wait till seconds before it is on top of the tower? I get the stat decreases, and truly do enjoy the way to improve them (shards+ascension), but I feel like things other than tower stats were changed and it feels wrong.
  9. With the addition of defense range and defense speed, what towers are you most excited about testing? Flamethrower: A lot of people complained about the apprentice losing a way to deal with fliers. All I can think about is tacking on massive defense range and seeing if the flamethrower can hit them in the sky. Volcano: Defense speed.....Nuff said. Ballista/Heavy cannon: Defense speed... Bring back the DD1 magic perhaps? I'm very curious about how much defense range will help ground defenses or if they will still largely be inefficient due to siege rollers.
  10. I like the ideas. One of my favorite thing about lavamancers is the free DU fissure of embermount, that has functionality by default, and damage functionality when upgraded. I think the serenity aura for monk fits this perfectly given that serenity aura atm is slightly overpowered with purge evil in its current form, large area coverage, and low DU cost. I think every class should have some form of free DU buildable that fits in with their DPS similar to lavamancer. When I join maps that have a builder already, I love being able to further contribute to the "build" even if its extremely minor by building without using DU. Overall, I wish they would give every class a free DU build-able used to restore resources that cost 0 DU and 0 mana (Maybe cost mana to upgrade) Dryad - Trees that bear fruit(fruit comes at base level, but defense health is drastically increased from base when upgraded). This is a wall and a restore. Slightly nerf defense health from current state, but not too much, as this will be free. Lavamancer- Keep as is with restore and DoT burning if upgraded. Abyss Lord - Something similar to healing well that heals and restores resource. Maybe only have the heal kick in after upgrading. Monk- Serenity aura rework to heal and restore. very similar to abyss lord because im lazy and don't want to be creative. Huntress- "portal" trap summons a resource and sends a shockwave when item summoned (similar to lavamancer but with burst damage instead of DoT) Maybe spawn a 20-30 mana item every 5-7 seconds that deals 5k damage burst with average builder stats with up to 15-20k crit damage chance. Gunwitch- Broom Summon. A Broom appears out of nowhere to drop off resources for the gunwitch and all players around the gunwitch. It does no damage or healing as a tradeoff for helping teammates with resource. Apprentice- Enter a mystical trance to regenerate resource(similar to healing but much slower) causing all nearby heroes and towers to do 5% (something low) extra damage. This ability can only be used is the apprentice is not at full mana as to encourage them to leave their nest and spend mana. Squire- Change training dummy (He does not need 2 walls despite me loving both walls.) to be a scarecrow that follows him around. Whenever the scarecrow sees an enemy he runs to attack it (he has low health.) When he dies he explodes dealing (minimal but noticeable damage) and dropping a pickup for the squire to use to restore resource. Encourage active playstyle squire. Mystic- I have little to no experience here so I will not propose an idea. Fun topic to think about, and I make no claim that anything I proposed is balanced or fits in current game design. Just fun to think about. Lavamancer is probably my favorite class they have added as the towers are fun, the playstyle is fun, and the resource restore can be converted into a formidable tower for free DU. I wish every class could bring their FLAVOR of resource restore to the team. It could also be leveraged that underperforming classes as any given point could bring "stronger" resource restore structures to battle as a "band-aid" while waiting for balance. For example, lets say apprentice is very weak with building and DPS at some point in the future. They could increase the channel effect listed above to 10-15% short term while they are hammering out balance instead of having useless characters for long periods of time while they figure out core mechanics. Hom-Sha-Bom fun topic, i like it.
  11. From the resent dev notes on the upcomming updates. Q: This is cool and all, but what are you doing about the Siege Roller?! We hear you! We’re reducing the number of Siege Rollers that can spawn when playing solo, and we’re adjusting the hitbox on the weak spot so that it’s easier to hit. Thanks for all of the feedback so far! While the above helps some things with the siege rollers, the BIGGEST problem is still the deletion of ground defenses. Why must that component remain? It does not change the un-afkable impact siege rollers added. ground defenses don't do a lot of damage to the tanks. Hell, in almost every other game, the way to deal with tanks is anti tank land mines. However in this game, huntress mines are now pretty much useless on roller maps. TBH I was excited for the update, and there are many things I am still excited about, but it seems like the interpretation of the community's opinions on rollers falls on deaf ears. There are 5-10 HEAVY players on the forum that absolutely jump on and destroy anyone who brings up their complaints about rollers, and the devs see these loud players and assume things are fine because they account for a bulk of the chatter on these forums. Go to the steam dd2 forums (a safe haven for players to post without being attacked by those 5-10 players) and you will see the populations disdain to the roller. Theres probably been even more people who just straight out quit due to them and never voiced their opinion. The only good thing about the roller is how they look. The art design is cool. Everything else is just buggy, limiting of builds, and forcing of certain classes to play.
  12. -Rollers make the game less fun period. They barely add difficulty, but they do add frustration. "Oh hey, lets shoot this random missile at your crystal! Game over at no fault of yours." "Hey let's make the weakest defenses even weaker!". -Frustration is not synonymous with difficulty. If frustration was the same as difficulty, then let's "increase difficulty by getting rid of bags." -The roller is limiting. Easy to kill, but makes many defenses bad. -The roller is bugged as all get out. -The roller was not a good decision. Build a big statue of the roller, put it in the town, and have a Gravestone for it. If you wanted a defense that was painful to towers, just give the ogres a big ol shield. All incomming damage from the front is reduced 90%. Everything else would be the same. Here is similar difficulty, very little development work, doesn't make towers useless. Its absurd I have to specify this in every roller post, I do not have trouble killing the roller. I do however try to avoid maps that have rollers because they are not fun.
  13. Hey Trendy, Dev Stream looked great and the changes incoming for gear/inventory/ascension overall look great. Some things I wanted to get some clarification on: 1. It looks like we will have to choose between only 2 core stats on our defense relics with the passives per tower. Does this mean we could not have an even distribution of all tower stats for a tower? I am not saying this is bad one way or the other as I have not tested it yet, just trying to clarify how the stats will work. For example Volcano benefits well on all defense stats, would it be possible for me to put equal stats in all def stats or will it be heavily weighted into 2 stats? I know I can probably still allocate points via skill points. 2. This is a request: Having come from Diablo 3 and seeing how the community has become extremely toxic to any player that is not a high Paragon level, could you disable showing Ascension levels to other players? This should be a private level IMO as eventually as the division of ascension levels begin, people will begin kicking other players if their ascension level is not high enough even if they are capable of clearing the content. This happens in Diablo 3, and while DD2 has a better community, I think the possibility of this eventually occurring warrants hiding players Ascension levels. For those unfamiliar with Diablo 3, they have infinite levels, and typically you are kicked out of a game if your paragon level is not deemed high enough, despite if you can clear the content. Keep the community close knit, don't give players a quick glance way to determine and divide the hardcore elite and casual. 3. Any intention of changing pet stats/abilities to shards as well or eventually? Would be cool to put any shard ability on any pet. Overall very excited for the update. The UI/inventory/Shard system looks like what the game should have been all along. Great work.
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