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  1. I just started playing again after a while away; is it impossible to get more wyvern tokens now? I have 51 so I was really close to a new sphere but now its a rather useless amount, which i'll just spend if I can't get a sphere out of them...
  2. I'm going to assume they went ahead and threw in some other data for upcoming stuff. Most games I play that update on both PC/Console have been known to do this. Or they just don't have differential patching.
  3. You people with 1500+ posts need to stop throwing your opinions around; if you're bored of the current content play something else.
  4. Are you trying to get away with magic damage in a physical lane? Else you need to upgrade in preparation for the specials (or gear up)_
  5. Not sure how else to describe it, trying to compare items on my squire and blockades end up 'damaged'?
  6. So which piece(s) are we supposed to get harpoon passives on? Are there now items that can't be obtained anymore?
  7. Loving this passive since they have such ridiculous range with the sphere, my arch nemesis spear chuckers and barney's with magic resist are screwed now!
  8. I'm not too mad since i've probably had more dailies than I should have historically but it gives something to work towards :(
  9. Damn already leveled grumpy, oh well not using him since he has no bonuses anyway; is that another bug??
  10. Pro tip: spending gold makes it run out faster!
  11. Explosive trap is the best physical AoE as far I can tell...
  12. Its a gold sink, the exp it takes to level the item goes up aswell; so it takes more items (or higher level items). It works quite well imo since you can make a legendary much more powerful than a comparable mythic/epic; don't bother with more than 5 levels (or at all) if you're items are less than 200 ipwr.
  13. Onslaught seems to be a bit of a mess when it comes to resistances, I usually use LSA and an AA tower on siphon site; I've not done more than 6/7 rounds without wiping to a special that I can't seem to dps!
  14. it vanishes on some maps, known issue afaik.
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