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  1. Thanks for the post, Ill check it out..... Orcs must die isnt really a tower defence tho..... Like the use of mainly traps, linear maps and limited placing isn't my style..... Ill probably give it a go, i don't think ill like it tho... DD2 Sub mode moba was where it was at
  2. I never wanted it to be the main focus..... It would have been good just to had a PvP mode.... Anyone will admit doing tower defence is really repetitive... I was obviously looking forward to the Moba, bacause of this reason... To get away from the repetition of tower defence, yet still staying within the game we all love.
  3. Nooooo, Trendy.... :'( Whhhyyyyy!?!?!?!?!?
  4. Well topic says it all..... I was really looking forward to this.... LIKE..... REALLY! But is there any word from Trendy if they are or aren't going through with it?!?!
  5. Thanks, i will refer to that next time it happens :D
  7. Swaglord, <NAME> Swaglord, CancoZ Wear a full matching outfit. This would be hilarious! XD
  8. The DD2 Launcher seems to have a bug, where everything loads... but the play button..... Everything loads near instantaneously but the load button doesn't pop up at all (at times)... Fairly annoying because it does this fairly occasionally :/ (Since the 1.1 Update(Strange seeming as in the patch log, it doesn't seem anything has changed within the launcher... except the post updates)) You guys are the devs, but maybe have all the images save within the game or launchers location :O... Instead of loading them everytime, seeming as there an now errors :'( You can see it here: http://prntscr.com/5fhcz9 (P.S - still hasn't loaded is the time it has taken my to type this out) EDIT: Playverse loads beforehand, but doesn't successfully contact the actual launcher..... I know this by, Not seeing my influence points or name up the top-right hand side.
  9. This is actually a very good solution, if anything it would make the playerbase happy, seeming as their time is now being used up by levelling, not just enjoyment. Well it would make me happy atleast. :D
  10. I originally HATE resets with a passion, but if people are already at end game..... Well that's ridiculous.... Regardless, no doubt they will do a reset at official full release launch, like most other games
  11. I really hope they do more events, I was aware that DD2 was in progress over 1 year ago (Or the concept at least)... and opted in for e-mail updates.... Unfortunately I never received any e-mails about progression the game or that you can buy the alpha (Alpha before steam)... Real inconvenience, really unfortunate, seeming as I now was the earlier benefits spoken about in this topic.
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