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  1. I have 200 hours in Dungeon Defenders. I've spent $21 so far and another $4 tomorrow. $25 for 200+ hours (with allot more to come) is damn good. LOL yeah, someone should post their money spent vs time invested on the MMOs they play. They will see they are "upside down". Not to mention how attentive Trendy is to their customers as opposed to some of the other publishing companies.
  2. Yes and No... what you saw in the trailer is the content which comes for ALL DLC's, but you will only get a small bit of that with every DLC you buy. Plus, in order to get the complete content you need to buy all DLC's because otherwise you don't get nightmare difficulty. Again, you're exaggerating the costs of developing a game like this. Stop comparing it to WoW because WoW even loses money on upholding their server maintenance costs despite the monthly subscription. This is nothing like it, apples and oranges... And DD is not essentially a F2P mmo with premium content. Premium content
  3. Many of us here on the forums don't mind helping people out. I just convinced 5 or 6 of my guildmates (from other various MMOs) to buy DD and spent a week off and on getting their characters leveled and geared. There are those...hats (you know the first part) out there that will kick you from games if you arent as uber geared as they are, but most of us have our networks of friends/steam groups that we play with and hang out with anyway and avoid those people. Add me on Steam I am also willing to help (that goes for the OP and anyone else considering switching from open to ranked). I am
  4. @Taurondir I don't think anyone misunderstood what you were trying to say. The OP was sating his method for obtaining the gear in order to complete the first wave of UMF. As I read it, the OP did NOT have multiple chars (or at least no aura monk and no traptress). So what he did was, created them, and farmed mana to get the gear for them. Okay, so he did something you want to say SHOULDN'T be a necessity. Well I can tell you that what he did wasn't a necessity. What he did was for his benefit, and because he wanted to. Personally, I consider myself to be semi-hardcore, or casua
  5. So it's only two days till the first eta of the new dlc and patch. shouldnt there be more patchnotes have come considering their statement 'Yes, there's lots more stuff added/fixed in 7.13'? The notes will come AFTER the patch, ninja nerfing/buffing still a staple diet at Trendy HQ :).
  6. what is a peugeot 406? is it somethin special? all i have is a piddly pickemup truck! I think its a carburetor cleaner or something.
  7. Wrong section of the forums, but make sure you check you have it on EVERY map, and make sure you read the exact wording of the achievement. I think this is one that has to be done on medium or higher difficulty?
  8. I stop reading when he said "Since I own a car (Peugeot 406)" Done. You too? I own my own my Peugeot 406, look how important I think I am. Look guy you don't see me bragging about things that I own. Big deal, you are tired of the QQ...don't read the posts. Any important information that you need to know about is stickied.
  9. Currently not playing until nightmare mode. Then after NM mode I will play to see how it is. If I NEED to have NM mode gear to beat NM mode, then I'm done with DD. It was fun trendy, but putting in these patches with awesome loot tables, and taking them out several hours later where those no lifers get all the benefit, and the rest of us wake up to or come home from work to, OH look you had the chance to get this AWESOME loot, but before you were able to we patched it out, but left the drops that people already received in the game, so then when you try to play any custom game you get kick
  10. Whats funny is as far as i can tell you two are agreeing... but whatever... And soransis i believe he changed his text to suite what your point was. IE he went back and made his response better fit what you had said. 1. We are disagreeing and debating that fact, or were, and being civil about it until he changed my text. 2a. Read the last lines of my text that he quoted. He changed MY text IN QUOTES to how he felt I should have said it, instead of arguing the point in his post. 2b. His text remains unchanged.
  11. Fixed to actually make sense with your argument. Its quite simple, you hit the lowest denominator instead of the highest denominator. This is why the new server should be the test server, the old server will become more stable improving the greater majority of players. The Test Server will have a warning that things can and will change, that there will be bugs to work out, and to expect them. While the old server will receive bug free patches, thanks to the work of the test server, and the greater majority of the player base will be happier. The new server being the test server helps lay
  12. Disclusion will happen regardless. The number of people who switch to the new server will be those who actually read the patch notes, and those who read the forums. This represents an incredibly small portion of the general population. Further, the majority of people (both those who do not read the patch notes/forums and those that do) will be outraged to lose the items they have spent so much time and effort obtaining through switching to the new server to avoid buggy patches. So, the new server will be a low pop server, which means that server should be made the Test Server so that major b
  13. Which a major bug in a beta patch would hurt far more people then making the new server be the beta server. Less customers get hit, there will be less outrage compared to putting it on the server with the highest population of existing customers. It would be no different than it already is. And there are many people that will move over to the live server so we will stop being discluded from games simply because the items/weapons we have are 10^ lower than the host so he kicks you.
  14. I agree with you Meta, we are all just fed up with them putting it in for 3 hours then taking it out so there is a clear line between the haves and the nevers (not even have nots). I for one am waiting for nightmare mode to see if things get any better, OR if they put in a test and a live server, I will start over on the live server (unless they use current as live and create a new test server to start over/xfer chars onto). Otherwise I am not playing until one of these things happens, and then if it is done wrong, I am done, sorry Trendy. Too many times have you screwed us casuals out of
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