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  1. Countess and Sorceress Apprentice. Cause a lot of people want female counterparts to our current heros. My guess for the next two after that are the Shrine Maiden and The Hunter. Cause so far uniqueness is not this games bedmate.
  2. Honestly it shouldnt take you longer than 30seconds to look through the shop for goodies that may appear and if you want to upgrade gear go to your own game instead of holding up a possible three other people. Also dont sit there and look through your loot while in public games unless you all have done a few maps together and agreed on a like 5min break, then you are free to do whatever you want with that time but seriously sitting around waiting for 1 person to dinky donk around sucks and im not even one of these people with really limited play time. Personal opinion aside, it probably w
  3. I think one of the problems is the attribute scaling in combination with removal of level attribute point allocation. I saw it posted somewhere but cant remember nor can I remember exact numbers but from what I remember... Huntress scaled best with hero damage/ability power at ~80% while the other three heros scaled at 60%/40%/20%. Apprentice and Squire scaled best with defense power/speed. Monk kinda sat there in the middle on scaling either way. If the stat scaling is different for each character and we also have no way to allocate stat points as we level up the characters get shoe
  4. Congrats, you just proved 25++ throne room is too weak or that gear stats are too strong at this point in time :P
  5. Squire works either way, as do the other three hero classes. Its just about finding a good setup and stat build on each map.
  6. Blacklist would be the best bet, a limitless blacklist or something with atleast 1k slots on it or something. Insert toxic persons name on list, never join their game and they never join a game you are in, DONE.
  7. mmmm I would love to see a Smite-ish map style for pvp or something similar to the StarCraft 2 custom map where teams build structures that spawn units on a predetermined time interval and you can build structures that produce resources, killing enemy units/structures gives resources. Instead of allowing Champion mob structures you just take your hero out and punch things though I feel a restriction would need to be made...if your hero enters the lane they cannot return to the base until they die with some sort of penalty to a hero dying beyond the respawn timer...maybe a resource cost or som
  8. Kinda makes me wonder why the Dart Trap on huntress isnt like an oil-catapult or something to make it pair up better with apprentice. Or maybe instead of landmines it could get a slow/poison dmg thingy that acts like an oil spill which then could let the dart trap be turned into something to work better with the squire...sadly these ideas just turn the huntress into a support builder but the oil trap could work well with her #3 ability which takes a lot of freaking mana.
  9. it depends on what you want to do with the hero. if you want it a builder, obviously the stats are different than a dps hero. From what iv read and used personally, aura monk is best served with defpower/defspeed which can also double over for dpsing due to his serenity aura and you just have to bomb points into that spec instead of the lightning spec and maybe switch to a higher dps polearm. Huntress is a better dps class due to scaling the best with her ability power, but defhp and defspd work well generally so you arnt forced into a ton of repairs every round. But do not think DefPowe
  10. O_o My squire runs mostly DefHP/Speed gear with little to no power on it and cannon towers are hitting for like 2600 a shot on Throne Hard against fliers. One cannon tower each flier lane and I have 0 issues with them...hell I set the cannon towers up as a means to poke at ogres and the random mini-skelly boss thingy originally :D Also neat trick for ogres in the later stages...if you did a good setup and have spare mana, build a dummy in front of them and just repair/upgrade it and they punch that for awhile.
  11. I cannot point to something and say "Proof is in the pudding!" but I can say that after personally playing 2 single player games, one letting the subcores fall and one not, I got more xp from the subcore deaths due to more mob spawns....being solo i didnt even bother counting item drops cause its solo and pathetically low loot drop rate by comparison to a 4 person game. Both games played on Throne Room Hard, both games using aura+geyser+freeze (and anti-air when subcores fell)
  12. I want Endless Survival. That right there would show what the most OP setups and combos are currently. Aura+Geyser would be amazing early on but sooner or later the geysers would falter from sheer numbers and repair times, barricades would get overrun, towers would get smashed. What tactic would last the longest? DUNDUNDUUUUNNNNNN Oh and a minor tweak to it would be nice...All items on ground at the end of a wave are sent to your temp inventory if not looted. Cause ya, sooner or later the sheer number of items laying around could cause some issues :x almost tempted to go reinstall DD1
  13. Fluff and shiny customization can keep a crap game floating a lot longer than we as gamers who prefer content and balance would like to give it credit...which is sad yet true. I would like to see content and balance and polish before shiny fluffy things, but I also like my shiny fluffy things. 1 shiny fluffy per 5 content/balance would be a good ratio...no? maybe?
  14. Dunno if its been thought of or stated or said or whatever wording you want to use cause i didnt take the time to read every post (read most of page 1). I think the largest problem which causes these other problems is the system that places you in games which is also effected by the games population. Lets start with the population...read through various threads on here a lot of people like to solo or just play with friends. This is not a bad thing in and of itself, but because of this a lot of new players are taking a long time to learn because the ones that DO play public rarely explain
  15. Cannon towers have the highest single target DPS in the game, so calling them rubbish is slighttly incorrect. Mage towers are high damage output with a good support (freeze). Also the Ballista are not bad towers either, they just arnt the impalement machines from DD1 that they used to be so you cant have 2 cannons and 1 ballista rip a lane apart. I have seen ballista take care of a lane, 3 + barricade held a lane of hard throne room with no issues after 2 upgrades (stupid spear chuckers n necromancers and plasma spewing lizard range)...before the upgrades the squire had to babysit a bit by
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