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  1. You were absolutely correct. Thanks again for your help [[93890,users]]
  2. Heyo, In my mailbox was a pet Bearkira (is that how its spelled? anyway...), but after hitting the "redeem" button he did not show up in my inventory. In hindsight, I believe my pet box was full at the time, so that is likely what caused in the issue. In any event, I'm assuming this is a bug, and if so, is it possible to get another code/pet? Thanks in advance
  3. Heyo, After spending a few hours farming ogres on solo onslaught yesterday/the day before/whenever(got to round 19 before losing), the "Be The One to kill 80 Ogres" quest is stuck. Last night I simply assumed the counter would take time to update, but I've yet to see the number increase from 9 to (whatever three times fifteen plus two plus nine equals). Being that I was playing solo, and assuming tower kills against Ogres count toward the counter, I can confirm that all of them were killed by me/I was "The One" to kill them. Anyway, just hoping I didn't waste time for nothing, and thanks for any help.
  4. Alright I have two theories: A.) Somebody at Trendy thinks they're funny and has done this to me on purpose to drive me insane, or B.) Flickwicks don't exist
  5. Need I say more?...  ...not salty at all. Not even a little. I just want a flickerwick to love :[
  6. Hey all, The title more or less explains itself. I've watched many a livestream, and tried using the search function throughout the forums, and I was just wondering if Trendy had at any point explained their plans for adding new heroes/if they will at all because, currently, despite all the new and great content from last patch, I still feel like I'm "just picking up where I left off" on some new maps with the same strategies. Anyway, I was just curious and thought maybe somebody might know more. Thanks in advance!
  7. Here's my thoughts, The current daily mission rewards (around a thousand or so XP, and a few hundred gold) are more or less meaningless. Yes, they are a nice "free" boost you get while playing the game, but for anybody over level 10, you can easily earn much more than 1000xp, and anybody at all can obtain more than a few hundred gold in a single sitting. That being the case, maybe offer the monster tokens and/or keys/etc... as a replacement reward for the current xp/gold reward. An extra token per day or two, in my opinion, would be more valuable to players and more encouraging to make them sign on than giving them an extra wave/two of gold. It also is "op" in that somebody can't just sign on once daily and expect huge rewards/progress off of daily missions alone. Just a suggestion...that's why we're here after all!
  8. Ah, no, I wasn't. Thanks for that clarification. Having said that, I still think there'd be a larger number of votes, giving more feedback/information to the devs, if the numbers were hidden.
  9. Heyo, Before anybody misunderstands, I am NOT saying the influence system is broken, or useless. In fact, I think it is a GREAT addition to the game and promotes community activity. Having said that the influence system, in its current iteration, seems to discourage participation. My suggestion, simply put, is to remove the ability to see the current vote. I believe this will encourage more users to vote. Currently, if a new player with some influence points logged onto the forums, and was thinking of voting, especially after seeing the lop-sidedness of this last vote, then their stance would be: why bother. And its true. Why bother? Its very very unlikely enough people would have been able to swing the vote the other direction. Then there is the problem that some people vote just to be on the winning team, but I hope I'm correct in believing that very few votes are cast in that way. OR (and this may work better), just hide the current vote standings until AFTER somebody has voted. BEFORE ANYBODY TELLS ME THE SYSTEM IS CURRENTLY THIS WAY, the launcher takes you to this: https://www.dungeondefenders.com/2/initiatives page where you CAN see the current standings. Yes, the little widget thing on the right side of the main page doesn't, but I personally saw that AFTER seeing the link above. Also, I'm in no means "mad" about my favorite choice loseing, in fact, I voted FOR "choose your mission" after some very bad memories/emotional scaring with other games with similar re-roll features xD. Either way, I think there is room for improvement and this is just my personal opinion on how that may be done. Thanks, -CherryCoke
  10. Seven plays his favorite pancake with a tremendous exciting bathtub. Obama and his moonbase will already be annexed into NASA. This created horrific joy and arousal
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