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  1. Your suggestion thread is spot on. Liked it.
  2. Yeah I'm also not a fan of the duplicates. Though I'm fine with the Lock Box idea in general. Though I've seen it in CSGO for a long time.
  3. Hello Defenders So I've been opening all the Lock boxes that have dropped from my games. Experience what they are like. The first thing I've noticed is that you can open the same item more than once. In my opinion this is wrong. Lets look into the future development of DD2. When trading is introduced, what will be the stance on trading cosmetics? If Lock Boxes allow for Cosmetics to sit in your inventory, then surely you will be able to trade them? and if so, does that mean I can trade them for Items with stats attached? If you're not able to trade them, then I think that Lock Boxes should be changed. In their current form they are much like the Cases from Counterstrike Global Offensive. Which is fine, many games are adopting this method of micro transactions on cosmetic items. However, in DD2 where you cannot sell these items on the Steam Market, and trading these items would mean that you're able to trade paid for items, for items that have stats (Insert Generic Pay To Win Comment), I feel like DD2 should adopt the DOTA 2 Treasure micro model instead. For those that are not familiar, in DOTA 2 once you open "Cosmetic Item 1", you cannot re open than Cosmetic until you've unlocked all the other Cosmetics inside that Treasure. Then if you decide to keep opening after unlocking all the Cosmetics, then you have the chance of opening the same Cosmetic. That is how it works in DOTA 2. In DD2 my opinion is that you should only be able to unlock "Cosmetic Item 1" once, and then if you keep opening the same Lock Box you're increasing your chances of getting the Cosmetic Item that you want. Until eventually, its the only item left to unbox. I can see from a business point of view, you would need to increase the price to unlock the Lock Box, due to that fact it's probably not going to take as many "keys" to get the item you want. However I think I would prefer this to the current model. Or perhaps Trendy is planning to add Dungeon Defender 2 items into the Steam Market? Or perhaps they want to keep the current model and have Trading for Cosmetic Items only? Separate to items with stats. I don't know. I know that in the current model I have no incentive to open any more Lock Boxes. With so many un-answered questions regarding what happens to my duplicates if I keep them in my inventory until (for example) Trading. I know its Alpha, but it's hard not to think ahead when you're spending X amount of cash. I've opened between 15 and 20 Lock Boxes and have not opened a Blue (Rare?) or Purple (Epic?) and from that I have around 5 or 6 duplicates. I know its RNG, and I'm fine with that, but imagine how many duplicates if I really wanted a certain item. Duplicates that I have no idea what will happen to. If the answer is, "Lock Boxes are implemented as intended and you should sell duplicates with Sell mode". Then ok, but I personally will probably stop opening them. What do you think about Lock Boxes? Are you currently opening them? Interested to see what people think, maybe I've missed something(s). -Tag --I just want a bad-ass looking Mage yo
  4. Mine was a "Mages Legendary Sword" there's a screenshot on my Steam profile, yet it doesn't equip for Apprentice.
  5. Seven plays his favorite pancake with a tremendous exciting bathtub. Obama and his moonbase will already be annexed into NASA. This created horrific joy and arousal. His mother cheated in their date causing pancake grammar. She wildly passed the cucumber named Eduardo and Eduardo furiously resisted, slamming tomatoes with sponge bits into Seven midgets called, Banana Hammock. Seven necrophilic rejects, Blade BAFTA Blueberry jam, Dwarven Sniper shoots, Fish grammar. Nevertheless, Seven dragons went biking backwards
  6. Tag

    Trendy Support

    Support has been amazing. Had to contact support for a couple of reasons, and every time they've been brilliant. Polite, helpful, timely. Keep up the great work! -Tag
  7. I will be. I've learned my lesson from DD1. :) If you don't mind me asking... what did you do? What didn't he do... Kappa
  8. Tag


    Cosmetic skins for everything. At the end of the day, as much as we love Dungeon Defenders, it's here to make money. I'm fine with that. So, make skins for everything. The first and most obvious, skins for Characters Also: Skins for TowersSkins for BossesSkins for EnemiesSkins for Pets Characters: Goes without saying. The more the better. Maximum customization. Towers: In a 4 player lobby you would see what your Defending team mates have chosen for their Tower cosmetics. (You would not see your chosen Tower cosmetic on their Tower.) Bosses: Have the cosmetic skin of the Boss load from the Lobby leaders active Boss skin. Would be a great way to add variety to Bosses. Might be the same (ish) mechanics every time, but once and a while you'l come across a new cosmetic skin. Enemies: Same idea as bosses, Enemy skins are loaded from the Lobby leader. Add some variety to every Defence. Pets: So in DD1 a popular pet was the Seahorse, the only difference between them was the colour. Perhaps in DD2 if there is going to be a "staple" Pet that is a must have, offer different skins for that Pet(s). A final thought, and its a bit outside the box, but Tavern skins? So its not the same Tavern every single time with a couple Trophy differences. Maybe? too much? I'm sure the Devs are already thinking about this, just wanted to create a thread to see what the forums thought? further ideas? Thanks for reading Defenders! -Tag
  9. Pre-alpha, not Beta. :P It's early days!
  10. I would love to see pets be more mobile in DD2, but I can't think of any reason to do it besides aesthetics though. As far as cubes are concerned, that would completely depend on whether cubes exist in DD2. Also there is no economy in DD2 right now because you can't trade items. That will definitely be something that the community as a whole will need to keep an eye on and report to Team Trendy about the balance there. You could tell your pet to hold a certain position (In the scenario where the pet isn't attached as a hover item). The pet becomes another form of turret. A mobile turret. Not entirely sure if this suits DD, just throwing out ideas.
  11. You wouldn't HAVE to use blueprints, though I understand your point. Perhaps a slightly less permanent option where you can "ping" a ghost tower to the position you're asking your pugged friend to place his/her tower. For exact positioning, you could maybe have some sort of interaction between the player and the ghost tower. Press Q on the Ghost tower to build. Not sure how useful this would be. Just ideas.
  12. I think fusing stats from different weapons would be a balancing nightmare. A great idea but hmm... Maybe keep the standard experience points in terms of stats, however the customization takes place with the items chosen to sacrifice for the experience stats. You have a level 20 sword that you'd like to upgrade, you decide to use a level 12 spear with a flame effect to upgrade your level 20 sword. Your sword gains it standard experience points, and also if you wanted, you could infuse the flame effect onto it from the spear. So much potential either way.
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