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  1. i dunno my Itsy-Betsy has a pretty need ability. fires a bolt that curses a single enemy reducing its damage. the bolts damage itself seems to scale off hero damage by 5.36 times hero damage. curse drops the enemies damage by 75%. and it has a 7 sec cooldown. its not terrible. maybe not worth the 180 tokens, but i had nothing else useful to spend em on.
  2. Some of us just aren't as lucky it seems.
  3. it's 7am on a Saturday. I'm sure no one is at the office for at least another hour, maybe 2 at most.
  4. Another challenge. To add an atmosphere to the game I was thinking we could add fog effects that affect visibility, shortening the range of the projectile towers. this could be done to the entire duration of a map or just on specific waves. If you haven enough challenge ideas you could possibly create an onslaught that has a random challenge each round.
  5. I have a couple ideas for a new monster type/mode/challenge. This could easily branch off to other ideas and I would love to hear what everyone else would think as well. First the monster type would be a ghost. This could either be existing monster in a ghastly, see through skin or a new monster type that looks like a ghost. Possibly like a more ferocious Flickerwick. With the idea that they will ignore towers completely with no collision to the defenses. To bring the difficulty up you can have it where they will ignore specific tower damage. for example, they will be completely immune to damage from fireball towers, electric auras, cannons or any other 1 specific tower or even tower type/element. This could stretch on to other modes or challenges and I'm not suggesting anything specifically. I just thought I would like to add a few things for this influence week and see if my ideas get nominated :P
  6. 1. For the identification of Ubers, I know you said something about not wanting to change the physical appearance of them due to the confusion of additional skins, My question is, would it be possible to add a different color to the tower range when you press the shift key? It would make it easier to tell them apart from one another. for example, making the uber tower range indicator a light green. 2. Can you also add a timer alerting the rest of the team that the leader has selected a map? Even if its between 10-30 seconds, i feel that would be fair if someone of your team is upgrading and was unfortunate enough to not have enough time to distribute the points on their stats. even adding "g" to ready up to rush the selection would be perfect.
  7. Hey, I was sitting here playing other games on certain maps and was thinking how awesome it would be if I could place towers like in DD/DD2 to stop enemies. The I thought why not ask and see if it would be possible to get other maps from other games in this game. for example, summoners rift from LoL or Threshhold defense maps from ZMR. Now i know that a community map builder has been in discussion at some point in time and if so these things could be very possible at that point. The same thing with items, and characters but those have already been done in the first DD (portal gun, penny arcade, team fortress). I'd like to hear what others think and what everyone's suggestions would be.
  8. Having Given I try to auto lead my targets still. I would love to have an option to switch it off. I'm assuming that at some point they will be having projectiles travel at different speed via weapon and item stats perhaps. If the auto-aim could lead the targets with that included I could see some use in having it still there as well.
  9. I think she might be a character that relies more on her weapon type. once they start coming out with unique weapon stats like fire rate, piercing shots and other things she will balance back out into the equation. as of right now without those things it should be expected that she will be weaker at the moment.
  10. I've been playing the huntress recently and noticed that while jumping her concussive shot stops her midair instead of following through with her trajectory and feels unnatural. Is that suppose to happen? The mage's manabomb does the same thing, but he's intentionally slamming the ground so it needs the downward force and makes sense.
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