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  1. 12 pages, do your math, not sure if its 64, but i know its 12 pages.
  2. i read that, and its the same error, as before, but now it has more words and a "new" number.. back in the days joining to a friend was barely impossible, i dont buy this as new, is the same stupid error, that wont let you join to your friends game.
  3. this is the same error you added months ago, during an update, its still there.. i was away from months, wanted to show a friend some stuffs.. but well you made what i was hoping to be a good game, into something annoying.. out of 40 dd2 friends on my steam list, noone plays dd2 anymore, maybe 1 or 2, just for dailies, but i see no point in that. the game is... cant say im surprised its still there..
  4. Ive been away from moths, bored of the game, now i decided to give it a try and i found this... every time i click Thank you, it pops up again, over and over. bye dd2
  5. thats just like dd1, but they just dont want to "bring" so much dd1 here. there you could just start surv at wave 13 for a pet on wave 15 or max 27 or 28.. for maps with 35 waves.
  6. you can do what i do.. i leave 2 empty bags, at the top, so everything you pick goes there... that works great for onslaught... so once you end wave 3, you can pick, selet what you wanna keep, and sell the rest,.. either way, this is gonna be the "way" to do it after each 1-2 waves... scavenger - 1000 USELESS !!!!
  7. max is 12 bags atm... wich it wasnt enought, but now that eggs worth ***, i can use those 2 extra bags to pick and sell everything.. this new things they add come from bad to worse. Trendy want us to buy more bags
  8. if you equip a pet with the hatchery boy or petinarian, the pet you unequiped go to the scavenger, idk for long it will be there, but you gotta claim it right away if you dont wanna lose it.
  9. i know what you do to farm nm4.. i was farming nm3 but its not even fun to do, 1 hr to beat the map it went from like 18 min a run, to 1 hr no thank you. and the loot is just so useless. super annoying , tedious, stressing, looooooooooooooooooong !!! and they are gonna come with the great idea of a reroll, cuz we cant have nm4 gear, like nm4 gear even makes a diference in nm4 maps.
  10. fair enough! he just take whatever he want, like ubers, passives, gear etc, i got 2 ubers, my dailies were more like weekly, so cant even afford a 3rd one, if i have the access to better gear and all the ubers, i can try builds, but guess what, i dont, so, lsa sucks, and my trapper is my main... what else can i try ? with such limited options ? canons ? beyond useless fireballs? not even an option, bellistas ? with no passives, cuz they took em all with te reroll. earthshatters ? yeah right ! He was playing NM4 on yesterday's devspeak and reached wave 6. The real problem is more
  11. what do you think ? does it look like they test this ? they just come with an idea, apply it and hope that it works. and if you check all the devs, they never play nm.. so, all they do is go easy and think, oh yeah this is good !!!
  12. well, as you said, its a pain to even beat 1 map with 10 waves, we give it a try, but after some tries most of us quit, it was just too hard to keep trying to reach higher waves, not saying beat the map, just higher waves. effort + time = green/blue crap, there is 0 fun in that, and that was just to find small ups, NO thank you ! taking a break from this "balanced" game. Eh, I don't think people are wanting to be in NM4 on the first day, but to say that there isn't some tuning flaws is quite wrong. NM1/2 with appropriate level gear, is doable, but it's a pain in the ass, and I don't know w
  13. first, upload the image to http://i.imgur.com copy the link from: Direct Link (email & IM) the list of links its on the right side. click on "insert image" it will pop this, paste the link you copied here.  and thats it.
  14. not just nm 3-4 .. even nm1 its impossible... so they made nm a real nm. its just a waste of time to even try to get some gear out of nm, yesterday when i was abusing the serenity, iwith the gear from nm4, the "best" 270ish stats a piece. soloing wave 1, wasnt possible... and most of the drop from the ogre on wave 1 was crap, so yeah, im done for now, maybe if they find the balance ill play it again.
  15. 756 hours game play ... i dont even feel like waste 1 more minute into this unplayable and stressing game. im done with dd2. i miss dd1 so much, farming survivals for 1 pet, that i knew it was gonna be crap, but it was fun to get it anyways, or beating the full survival to get the kobolds, hours and hours just to get one bad kobold. farming gear out of kings or any other maps , hard as hell, gear was so bad, but it was fun !!! farming with split screen with 4 heroes to get more drops, just to get 1 or maybe nothing usefull, but it was fun !!!! failing hard trying to get cd weaps, getting
  16. i tried nm2 with the re rolled (again) gear.. full game, good tanks, wave 1 not ez.. wave 2 gg. how can we get upgrades if the maps are way too hard to even snip the ogres ? go to nm1 isnt an option, i want better gear.. but well, its not even fun to get it, too much effort, and the loot is just... wow !!! useless. congratz, you finally made dd2 the worse game ever... you wanted to made it nothing like dd1 or at least no so much like it... well now it is nothing like dd1... boring and anooying to play.... you can at least test the game before you even patch it... but you have an idea, app
  17. So this is how you troll all the players, making us farming for hours, to find decent or better pieces with passives for our heores, then once we got out deck rdy to play... guess what !! lets just reroll and screw all the passives.. i didnt expected to had the same dps or passives, but i had like 8 bags full with gear to pick after re roll, and 99% of the items i had, was nothing but crap. passives gone. splody ... i had the passive on all the pieces, now just 1 crappy sword, = useless squire (was hoping for at least 2 passives) phoenix.. it was too hard to get a good bow with both passive
  18. you can equip pets if you do it with the pet girl... i have the same issue, but i cant click on some pets, but when i click the pets girl, i can equip any pet i want. its the only way that works for me now.
  19. base is t1 400k, t5 800k this is with 5 boost, couldnt find a way to try 6 :(
  20. playing other games... no point on farming... i wont farm 240ip gear... so.. why bother ? dd2 cya after re roll maybe.
  21. 18 hours earlier and later.. as you can see i should got 26 shelliums, but i only got 24. i havent evolved any pet, and my other stack is at 98, i always sell all the new shells i get. i double clicked on em, and didnt change...
  22. uber, uber, at least you can have fun with those xD crappy as they are.. fun fun =P
  23. i was loading the game to start playing today...when i was at war table waiting to "load" i got kicked... 5 minutes later i was building on the map i was going to play, and again i got kicked.. really ?
  24. if someone build and leave the game, all the bonuses are gone (healty, frosty-- etc., unlesss hi comesback.. the way to fix towers without replacing is just swaping heroes till it gets fix it.
  25. this bug was fixed, used to be like that, but now there are normal bosses , thats where everyone is farming atm.. havent got this since they patched it.
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