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  1. every gold (coins and bags!) dissapear too, not addin to your wallet!
  2. place a trap where they like to burrow and focus your DPS on them
  3. you have to get killed by the chest from the event, which will spawn a skelleton version of your class. when you or your towers get a few hits on that miniboss and finally kills it, you get the title
  4. donut, there are quite a few accounts named exactly like yours :)
  5. I just tested the medium sphere which grants 100 gold for a hero kill with 15% probabillity and the 30% more gold sphere. After the round finishes and i open the manachest it auto-"collects" all mana and gold - but collect isn't the right word because right now it just DELETES all the money. So I have to collect it by foot bevore I open the chest or i won't get the money at all. Is this also fixed (or even known)?
  6. I tried making my daily "win 3 incursion maps" on endgame but it didn't count - is that intended behavior?
  7. i lost my good bow 10mins ago. It isn't in scavenger or anywhere else in my bag. I think there is a problem with doubleklicking an item to equip it -_-
  8. well, I'm not highend equipped but i have the same problem: I'm am at ipwr 380-420 and cant handle the 500 mode but i also can't do a higher NM grade solo, because I'm right at the edge .-. I don't want to leech, so I'm pretty stucka t the moment....
  9. My friend had a simmilar problem, his best pet just disappeared after switching it out to test something. RIP :/
  10. I really miss this function which exists in every forum since the year 2000 (or even earlier); have I just overseen it or does it really not exist?
  11. Wait, so the pet heart-level is affected by the normal XP? Not just win 6 rounds = 1 affection-level?
  12. ofc it is, waiting for minutes every round IS annoying. Especially since this bug exists for ages. It is a bug. I reported a bug. Thats why we are here for.
  13. is there any difference execpt the looks from the rarity of pets? I have a lot of green ones with higher stats than the legendary dragons....
  14. with the update tomorrow there will be 2 additional maps
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