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  1. Both would be great, neither do we want to miss out the popular ones, nor do we want to overlook the recent ones :)
  2. You will defintely not be able to master both Boost and Lighting Aura and have it on par with someone who only concentrates on one. For example, getting special item stats for boost means forsaking special item stats for lighting aura, and since boost pretty much depends on special item stats, you will have to give up one for the other. Corrected thanks to Yuwee :)
  3. Another impressive idea, everyone seems to be churning out quality ideas. I do hope Trendy takes them into consideration :)
  4. Totally love what you had going, sounds like an awesome idea which could reduce repeatability in the game. Seems like it might also help to prevent players from AFKing since they will have no idea when bosses / challenges are coming and will have to be on alert throughout the game. Splendid :)
  5. Seems like we have loads of imaginative friends over here, I do enjoy reading through each potential spin off :)
  6. Glad I am not the only Final Fantasy fan around here :)
  7. Banned for capturing someone alive instead of mutilating him on the spot.
  8. Sounds great, abundant blue mana will not really affect the game much, especially so due to skill cooldowns as mentioned by Gutu. However, it will defintely make the game more interesting as opposed to depleting your blue mana at the first minute of the wave.
  9. You might want to get a better system or try setting the graphics as low as possible. The issue that you are facing currently will not likely to be fixed as the game requires a certain minimum Video Mermory and stuffs to actually run and maintain it's awesomeness :)
  10. It is amazing, the movie actually managed to squeeze in some pretty sad parts despite all the action. Forced "Sad" or actual plot-driven emotion? I hate when directors are too lazy to express emotion so they hire a really good composer to cram "sadness" down the audience's throats. I'm really interested in this movie, but I am afraid it won't be anything special and I'll have wasted my time. The kind where you will feel an uncontrollable tinge of sadness in certain parts of the show, not too subtle, not too heavy. Defintely worth the watch :)
  11. It is amazing, the movie actually managed to squeeze in some pretty sad parts despite all the action.
  12. Banned for having something against hipsters.
  13. I don't seem to be able to close my TiB, it has quite a lot of items in it... ill clean it up. Thx =) Stop hoarding and lag due to massive item counts should be gone :)
  14. Sounds like a fix is coming soon :)
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