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  1. Bump :) Looking for more friends to play with!
  2. Gummy Bears Bungee Jumping or Roller Coaster
  3. Seven plays his favorite pancake with a tremendous exciting bathtub. Obama and his moonbase will already be annexed into NASA. This created horrific joy and arousal. His mother cheated in their date causing pancake grammar. She wildly passed the cucumber named Eduardo and Eduardo furiously resisted, slamming tomatoes with sponge bits into Seven midgets called Banana Hammock. Seven necrophilic rejects Blade BAFTA Blueberry jam, Dwarven Sniper shoots Fish grammar. Nevertheless, Seven dragons went biking backwards down Rodeo. My arteries' pulses suddenly burst into pieces causing insane sex mole
  4. Added, looking forward to seeing you in game :) P.S: Those that have not joined us over at x-Prestige, join us now! We are currently at 45 members!
  5. Banned for banning someone for not banning someone else in a ban thread that have banning others as it's core purpose.
  6. Looking forward seeing you in the group and game! Can't believe we have 36 people in the group as of this post. Those that are stuck looking for a friend to play with, join us now :)
  7. Banned for correcting other people's spelling.
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