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  1. Sounds like a great idea, I support this. Also charge option for the monks ranged
  2. The monk is fun to play and I like the feel of the melee attack. However the attack tends to drive me too far in a direction. I wish it were possible to more easily change direction. It's possible that this is based on the staff being used as I am currently only level 22 and have little experience with other staves. Yet if it is the same for all monk weapons then I see this as being an issue. Having the attack drive me in a specific direction without being able to change direction often leaves me out of place or missing out on potential damage. You all having same experience?
  3. Has there been any information about increasing the maximum number of players in the future? I would love to be able to play with 6-8 friends at one time, even if it is just a LAN configuration
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