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  1. Or just a way to easily show what shards are duplicates. Selecting em at name and going over all of em every time is such a pain and simply NOT FUN.
  2. Any way to sell purple items/chests/shards without annoying confirmation button? My inventory is constantly being flooded and selling things is killing my motivation to play insanely fast. Any way around this other than the sell all button to empty a complete bag? I love the game but atm it feels more like an inventory manager than anything else.
  3. there are so many inventory problems to begin with, i love this game but god all the inventory stuff I go through every session makes me just cry
  4. is that true? I always thought the highest items were at the top yeah, hmmm. honestly when I checked last time my highest items were actually at the top but I'll have to recheck once I can log in.
  5. all I hope is that we get checkpoints, please god give us checkpoints. If we reached wave 384 before I don't want to start all over from wave 1 again. I realise you can't just start where you left off but having checkpoints every 50 or 100 waves would surely help with keeping people motivated to play it. Having to go through 5 hours of low waves everytime even when they give you nothing of value would be the worst system ever.
  6. how about allowing us to you know...select multiple items in our inventory to sell instead of forcing us to sell them 1 by 1 by 1 by 1 or a full bag...give us a middleground already. But yeah I truly hope the best for this game but at moments it feels like devs don't give a flip and only play when they play on stream.
  7. I realize this is somewhat of a necro but this still annoys the heck out of me and a lot of players I know. Having to constantly sell items 1 by 1 or having to sell a full bag without any proper middle-ground is simply torture. Bah just bah, in a game where loot is such a big thing the loot sure was managed badly.
  8. Normally when having mystic above 50% appeasement the towers build by that player had a 20% damage buff. This was a big motivation to play mystic as dps since her own dps is not the highest but this was clearly made up by the 20% tower damage buff. However currently when testing I place down a tower ( for example ramster on abyss lord ) switch over to my mystic and the tower does not get the 20% damage buff while before the big endgame update it would always happen. Anyone knows what's up or am I just experiencing a bug?
  9. How do I remove anything from my deck without replacing em with something else? Am I forced to upgrade gear on 4 chars?
  10. I always doubt something that takes this long to fix. Let's hope for the best at least.
  11. I am not sure I agree with that, as a non glitched monk can also kill a roller, however killing 3... yes thats another problem entirely. But 1v1 I think most classes can handle a roller, which means you just need more then 1 dps to handle more rollers, as what really kills the roller is the use of pet cooldowns like Poisonous Tips. I think if you geared a Squire for example with Hero damage/Hero Crit damage with as much Hero crit chance as possible, then give him a poisonous tips pet and he will kill a roller in a matter of maybe 10-20 seconds. but for additional rollers you would need another DPS hero to rotate Poisonous tips cooldowns. true with multiple dps chars with poison tips it is quite possible, I'll have to agree with that. Not sure if that is really a fun way to play but hey why not. Maybe we will get some good counters/alternatives when the upcoming patch hits and until then I am fine doing some of the incursions that don't include rollers.
  12. a lot of the heroes can not deal with siege rollers at all. Sure glitch witches and monks can handle it easily and some others as well but the majority of classes are pretty much doomed against it so it forces us into a very specific playstyle which is not good in a game that had so much freedom before.
  13. huntress and apprentice already got some love last month.... who do you think did all the slows and knockups? xD Honestly I don't mind much whatever monthly we get as long as the reward is worth doing. I play the game enough any way so most monthly quests get completed that way.
  14. I constantly get request timed out in a few situations. The first one is when I press "play private" at the initial screen ( also happens when I just play in public but I tend to play private with 1-2 friends ). This usually happens 2-3 times and is not too bothersome. The second situation is when I try to enter a mission from the first lobby, it keeps having the request timed out error for loads of times before I can actually enter. Sometimes taking up to 10 minutes before I can play my first map. After I've completed my first mission however that problem does not seem to be the case since the first mission makes it so you really have a private room that loads instantly to new maps. I also have problems joining on a mate of mine when I am in anything other than the initial start screen, if I am in the initial screen I can join perfectly but when I am in a lobby it has request timed out 90% of the time. I have my firewalls turned off, portforwarded the supposedly right ports but nothing helps. I might consider completely redownloading the game again but it did nothing last time I tried. I've send a mail towards trendy about this matter that included the required DxDiag and Launch.zip but that was 18 days ago and I have still not gotten a reply. Please help with this matter, I love the game but this really takes away a lot of fun since during short breaks I simply can not even play due to it taking so long to get started.
  15. Wondering if someone did proper tests to see what is the current highest hero damage class? Series EV2 laser obviously destroys bosses but I was wondering how it stacks up against abyss lord throwing down a few of his silly lightning aoe auras.
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