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  1. Squire has pants, but the top is... LOL. Well at least we know now that the Squire coordinates his undergarments.
  2. So how do we mount our minions?You stand on them and order them to walk around.
  3. * You can now ride on your Minions, as can other players! (i.e. Ogre-mounting) The war begins. I shall terrorize my enemies from atop my mighty ogre steed!
  4. Hmm, something is missing... I know! Needs more Ogre.
  5. "I do say, how riveting!" Says Gentleman Orc.
  6. I've seen them leave their designated area if they were hit by something they can't reach, even if they're in a "hold position" stance. For instance, if an enemy ogre flings a snotball at my minions, any minions that can't attack back due to range limitations will make a bee-line for the ogre. Mages are pretty bad about this because they have a fairly short range for a ranged unit, and they'll sit there healing themselves every other step back to their original location.That's not actually the issue I'm talking about. What I mean when when I say they begin to wander, is literally walking
  7. I'm enjoying Summoner quite a bit right now, between the RTS gameplay and the MU allowing him not to conflict with builders and still letting him do his own thing is just great. I do have a few issues. The AI is pretty stupid. I've watched as minions will walk off ledges and die several times now(Pathing issue?), them actually proceed to ignore their set command and begin to wander, even seen them ignore enemies and let them walk by a few times now. While I can reissue a command and usually get them back to doing what they should, if I don't catch them fast enough I usually end up having t
  8. When you get into the select unit by left clicking you can double click to exit it. Not having any problems with the first issue myself, so can't help there.
  9. 1 Cytron Masters 2 Djinn 3 One master, One apprentice The RTS one can really be debated considering the hundreds of self made and self published local games people were making early on that were ether undocumented or fairly unknown. But that's what I pulled from a chronological list.
  10. We will have a Twilight Zone moment where Wednesday never comes. I pray to the all mighty Ultra Chicken in the sky that they don't do the "Copy Pasta Mad Rush" type of give away during the stream. D:
  11. I'm going to go ahead and guess that the screenshot of overlord mode is an early stages screenshot based on the defense units reading 0/140. Which as awesome as that would be to have his summons cost nothing and fill maps with impassable armies, I don't think we would ever be allowed to have that kind of power. D; I mean unless you guys totally decided not to have them cost DUs since the digest on the 2nd, in which case me love you long times. Joking about this does make me think how much fun, and laggy for that matter, it would be to counter a wave of 1000 enemies with 1000 of my own summ
  12. When I saw your post I figured it was going to be something like the carrot nose and flower eyes on the apprentice's dad statue in Hall of Courts. Can't say that this was really something I think of as an easter egg, it's sorta on scale as a scenic creature like Nessy in World of Warcraft's Deeprun Tram were everyone sorta noticed it within hours of the patch that put it in. This one was also kinda shown in the sneak peak in the last digest for that matter. ._.; Anyways, congrats to ravndark for scoring the DLC!
  13. He likely won't be able to equip a weapon at all. Instead, he'll have TWO pets. Farm hard for high-stat pets that can be absolute damage dealers. I have pets that have higher stats than my weapons in everything but actual attack power, and they do considerably more damage than my squire does. Djinnlet hits up to 4 times, with pierce, at a longer range, and without using hero boost he's doing 90k/tick and building up mana for me to use for other things. Blood Rage, he's doing nearly a million DPS, and I don't even have to be in striking range of the enemy. My weapon hits for roughly the same am
  14. Looking forward to summoner, amused over the two pets thing. Should make for some fun setups. I'm also hoping that his summons are reasonable in terms of DU cost and their own strength considering the amount of enemies we can have chasing us down. For that matter if they will be like normal defense and not understand what a flying enemy is half the time and how will they and djinns work together. A bit concerned about the "He does not use weapons" part as it doesn't go into if it just means he doesn't attack with one, can't equip one, or even if he lacks a normal attack all together. I'd
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