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  1. I still have yet to see any non-green chests *sobs quietly*
  2. [[65610,users]] quote: Shared loot is better when playing with friends, sure, but the current system is absolutely better when playing with random people, which trendy seems to think will be the primary mode of play. I certainly never do it, but I'm sure they have stats that say otherwise. I absolutely agree. It is a ton better for random. And to revise my point after looking through the other posts I would say that it should be made as an option. So if you are going random the loot is instanced, but if you make your own team the loot will be FFA if selected as an option. I feel the free for all version (when played with friends) is better atmospherically. It gives a better connection to the other players and it creates a team feeling. However, this is only my opinion. [[12471,users]] quote: Just give me my Greens+ , let the rest of the loot be FFA. Now about the mana. The mana appropriation needs a workover/rebalance. It just isn't as fun when you barily get enough mana to build a few towers limiting your possible building patters to only one method that works. Personally I loved DD1 where mana just flew around everywhere. It gave an atmosphere that you were plowing through dungeons and killing bosses and energy was flowing around you. That may sound weird but in the new version, you get tiny little crystals which most melee players will steal from you anyway when not plaing with friends. Trading will make the systems I have talked about lessened in severity but won't change the backing reasons. Not really making a point here just putting that out there. PS. Okay, I don't know how to quote effectively. 1 v 1 me irl.
  3. So I'm about to finish up my first semester in college and it got me thinking. What colleges are your favourites? You can like it because you went there, you want to go there, or you like their sports. Just anything really.
  4. I found a cuter pic.... totally not yours >.> <.<
  5. Tregavin

    Lets play?

    I am interested! I really want a team that knows how to win. I have a few hero's, mainly Huntress(about 13) and Squire(11 I think). Just add me on steam and we can talk. User -- Tregavin
  6. Hey. So I am very interested. I love having a group i can go to my dorm and know I have a good team set up. I just want to know the times you're free and I would be game, even if we can't get anyone else. Skype user- Tregavin (I think) Steam user- Tregavin(I'm sure)
  7. I have a problem with the dropping system. I understand the reasoning for seperating all the loot from each seperate player but I think this is a detrement to the fun people have. Yes, loot sniping is a thing. But having loot shared gives more of a feeling your all fighting for the same thing. DDE was fun because you all shared the final mana pool, but in this it feels like you all have different games you're playing. It seperates the players. Now this leads into the second issue... No auto selling of loot at the beggininning of waves. I'm assuming this just isn't implimented and is crudely solved by the temporary box. But this to me is a absolute necesity(unless someone has a better idea). The auto selling lead everyone to feel that they all shared in a group experience where everyone got a piece of the pot. To clarify, I understand a lot of things haven't been implimented or are having trouble but I see the game going down a path I don't necisarily like (or will just plainly have to get used to). I have always liked playing with my friends and seeing good loot that wasn't good for me but for the friend and was able to tell him where it was.
  8. that is the right way to play, I did the same thing. though I really want to get a team together for the second though because soloing is a little more difficult when you dont have a summoner with insane stats
  9. I also have an idea, how about the experience gets split by how many you have? Rather than cutting experience for everyone(even if they have a different play style) you could have it split the experience equally by how many hero's you currently have in the deck. It may be nice to nerf the overall experience gain a little with this tweak but I feel this would be a more fulfilling way to play. Ex: You have only one hero. Full experience You have 2 heros in your deck. Experience is cut by half. You have 3 heros in your deck. Experience is cut by one third.
  10. If you clarify someone might be able to help you. Do you mean "are the familiars going to be the same in DD2?"?
  11. there is no implimentation of this yet, but they have stated there would be many cosmetics you can get and different skins so to answer your question sorta: yes
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