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  1. Will you fix Auras so they can be Overlapped like Huntress Traps? Or, Can you at least determine the BASE range of the Aura, and allow that to be the footprint when building multiple Lightning traps. As it currently stands, I must remove my ORBS and gear that increases Aura radius. Just to put them close enough to each other to feel effective. Then if I forget to put the gear back on, I am gimped. How was this not a thought and if it was, why was it not addressed?
  2. Lightning: If I make a private game for soloing, why do I need to wait 10 seconds for other players who will never arrive?
  3. Lightning: When will we get rid of the Yes or No buttons when clicking Quit from the title screen? If I did not intend to click Quit, I would not have. And if I did mistakenly click it. It is my fault not yours. Please remove this extra check of quitting as it is pointless.
  4. Lightning: When will I be able to create a new public group, without joining a group? I have lost some maps because the group running what seems to be the only public group at the time, insist on failing certain waves of Onslaught instead of trying to go as far as possible. (They claim this was for Power leveling purposes.)
  5. Lightning: When will the 15 min. timer be removed from private matches? Sometimes I need to run to the store, but I don't want to lose my wave 13 Onslaught that I am soloing.
  6. Lightning: Will we be able to sell our UBERS back to the Treasure Pirate for our tokens back? I have bought a couple of them and wish to sell one back because I do not like it. That is a good deal of tokens, for something I do not want, but I had no way of testing it out without spending my tokens. -- You can prevent abuse of this system by incorporating a "Uber Testing Map" where you can test it without gaining xp, gold, items etc. Once you go into a normal map the purchase is made permanent.
  7. Lightning: will you please make a toggle feature for the new and old way of using the (Upgrade, Repair, Sell. UI). The new UI seems to be clunky and Also I cannot ping close to Entrances.
  8. Lightning: Will you please create a "This is our intended purpose for this turret/blockade" blog? Currently some towers/blockade(s) are seemingly being completely avoided from being used. Example Mage walls. What is the intended purpose of this wall as Squire walls seems to completely outshine it at every step.
  9. Lightning: When will huntress Poison dart tower become useful for general laneing?
  10. Lightning: Will we ever have your Chosen Character name show up instead of our Steam Account name? - I keep getting friend invites and I don't know these people.
  11. Lightning: Will we ever be able to select what beams of light we want to show for dropped gear? - Basically Legendary and Mythical.
  12. Lightning: Will Squire Ballista ever be UBER'd into Physical AA guns?
  13. Lightning: Will you be adding a new boss soon as Betsey being the only boss is kinda, meh.
  14. Lightning: Will you do full wipe including gear before full release?
  15. Lightning: Do you get more XP for keeping subcores? Players still seem to disagree on this.
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