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  1. You don't have even with a limited deck, it should be an option, you could simply not change since you're not forced to do so, however we who did like to change them will be left out :/ it's a cut in out choices, another limitation to our freedom :'( Jokes aside we really shouldn't have limitations upon our playing style.. Do you like do play DD like a pokemon master (gotta have them all) why shouldn't we? A person can actually build everything on their own anyway, what would be the difference if he does or not have the ability to use all towers? They still win, extra characters take time and effort, so if i want to place time and effort of that kind i should be able to get something out of it even if it's my 4th or my 5th or 6th character.. For somebody with 6 maxed out characters, yes it's quite annoying to have a limitation and going back to tavern simply to switch. I personally have never had a problem with only three heroes being available to me, and I find this limitation a bit more fun due to finding strategies that I never thought would work. However I see where you are coming from. Let me humor y'all with a theoretical; say you have three heroes, Apprentice, Huntress, Monk, all at level 15. You are ready to go to the next mission level of 15-20. However, you want to get to that Squire you have so easily neglected due to the hero deck system. In the present system, our Squire would level slowly due to a) having to be used at all times to even gain exp. And b) the other two heroes are delegated to level 3 because of the limiting mission level system. However, (b) is in place so that level 50 characters don't find their way in a lvl 5 map. As opposed by Gutu's "Pokemon master" wish, the Level 1 Squire would instead be able to participate in a level 15-20 map, but would be deadweight due to the level difference. And in the present exp system, you would be forced to use this deadweight to even level him. This is probably where Trendy got the idea of the mission level system in the first place, since they wanted to shift focus from towers only ala DD1, to both towers' and heroes' interaction with each other. However, with the new exp system I am proposing, the Squire will level up quite quickly even while not being in use. As if the "Pokemon master" had an Exp. Share to train his weak pokemon without having to use them in battle(I really hope you all understand Pokemon, otherwise this falls apart a bit :P). With this in mind, the new exp system would not only change the hero deck, but moreso change the mission level system, which is fine with me. Or at least change the MINIMUM HERO LEVEL REQUIREMENT having to be required for all three of your heroes in your deck.
  2. A big issue I have with the hero deck is that, in my experience, it has done nothing to stop my from doing what I did in early DD1: grind every hero I had available to me individually, or be behind because some defenses from some characters are better. While the latter point is a bit mitigated in this game, the former point (the grinding) is still in effect. With the new synergistic style of the four heroes' towers, it would only make sense that all three heroes in the hero deck grow in sync with each other. Thus I propose this: Lower the overall experience gain to 50% of what it is now. All three heroes in the hero deck get experience at the same exact time in the same exact amount, regardless of if they are in use or not. This will allow people to not have to individually level each hero each run each map until they are finally at equal level to get to the next level category...only to do it again for the next five levels. This is literally the only problem I have with the hero deck. Hopefully we can get something like this so grinding isn't such a big part of the game, or at least a mandatory part of the game.
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