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  1. Trendy's already said that no gameplay advantages would be able to be purchased with Gems. A Hero is either completely useless and thus not used in any builds, or it has utilities/damage which are useful in certain situations, making it a gameplay advantage, so Heroes should not be able to be purchased with Gems.
  2. I feel kind of dumb for writing this, but I can't decide which hero to main. I ideally want a hero that can apply status effects and exploit them for maximum carnage. I'm assuming that Huntress will be the hero I want, but I'd like to know if I'm correct that the Huntress is the most debuff-oriented hero we have so far. Thanks in advance!
  3. Leidiriv


    the only problem I can see with this is that it might cause massive lag if there's a lot of monsters in the map at the same time, but that would likely only happen if you were trying to run DD2 on a toaster. Overall, I like the feature :D
  4. Bump! Also, 100th post, whoo!
  5. I like your ideas :D What if they were extra ubers for this Druid, with Nature's Maw and Creeping Vines being able to replace the Moss Patch, and Drake Form being able to replace... either Treant or Cat. It's nice to see when there's great suggestions for the Druid :D
  6. Well, if you must know, there are some who call him.... Tim? :P
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