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  1. dps apprentice with both gold spheres in onslaught. Hold right click, release, collect money bags.
  2. The reason you couldn't get it to work is because the broken buff happens when you first log into tavern/map. If you change your equipment slots with frosty power the effect will not stack.
  3. I was already doing that once I evolved my pet at 25. Got him to 34 in about 30 rounds.
  4. 75 pet affection levels is possibly even more daunting than 80 ogre kills. I have all 80 kills but only 14 affection levels. To put it into perspective, that's over 2 affection levels per day, or 17 per week. For people that only play this game on the weekends, I dare say it is not feasible.
  5. Who is building walls for the damage they output though? If anything they should gain more health when used in specific lanes. Giving something more health decided by its position on the map is a weird mechanic. Just have the arcane barrier have some sort of magic resistance/mitigation and the blockade physical. And i do enjoy the damage that walls put out. With the vengeance large sphere for squire and blockade boom for app, they put out a decent amount of damage. Especially when affected by frostfire buff.
  6. Esorath I am just going to comment on the biggest bugs in nightmare right now that need immediate attention. Throne Room -Ogre spawning wave 1 -contrary to the lane wisp colors, the map does not have any resistances to magic or physical damage -none of the mobs have any buffs such as hearty, grounded etc. -ability to put blockades in the spawning circle where the "curtains were fixed" -auto kill function is not working as intended; mobs that are delayed long enough are getting murdered mid-lane The spawning circles need an additional area where you cannot build, as currently you can completely block them off and bunch up the mobs so bad that only a few can attack at a time and hard core delay tactics are being used that trigger the auto kill function. You can sit there and heal your cades for long enough that all the enemies will die. In regards to the Ogre spawning wave 1.. Put the ogre back to wave 1 for all maps, but just remove any gear drops from him completely. This way he serves as a gear check for the players, and keeps extremely low iPWR equipped players from "failing forward". If you can beat wave 1 with the ogre, you truly deserve to collect any loot that may drop on wave 2, regardless of if you complete it or not. *EDIT In regards to the gear checks from the ogres, if you don't want people failing forward too much, you could implement a system where, say, myths can only be obtained from wave 4-10, and legendaries only on waves 8-10. Or at least make it so only the highest iPWR items can be obtained from those final 3 waves to make completing a map more rewarding.
  7. I had a pair of 30% boots and 40% medallion as well. They changed to .3% and .4% with the original patch, and then the hotfix put them back to their original values. I sold them because yes, they are working at their values.
  8. If a game, made for your enjoyment, is frustrating you, you need to take a step back and do something else. Trendy shouldn't have to babysit kids in the back seat yelling "Are we there yet?! Are we there yet?!"
  9. I agree about the skills on items, which is why skill spheres should be your builds and items should enhance those builds. You all are completely missing the point of both this thread and my comments. The point is that having too many passives on gear creates a massive problem with gearing characters This thread is about the way the new builds work requires 4 copies of every hero just for towersSo which is it?
  10. What does group makeup have to do with anything being discussed here? This thread is about the way the new builds work requires 4 copies of every hero just for towersI would like to know what game you are playing. You seem to have come to the conclusion that if you don't have the best of everything, you will not succeed. And that is the entire problem with this thread. If your main complaint is that it would require many different copies of heroes to be competitive on a leaderboard, then now your issue is you need to spend countless more hours in the game to be the best. That's like complaining you can't be better than Crosby at hockey without dedicating your life to it.
  11. Wow i laughed so hard when I read this thread. I honestly can't believe that people are upset because they can't have the best towers and abilities all on one character. Welcome to the real world. It's called sacrifice. Life is full of it. Get used to it.
  12. [[59260,users]] would it be possible to give us your goals in regards to customization? It is much easier to brainstorm ideas when we have a clear target, and simply have to make sure our ideas conform with 2 or 3 key objectives. With that being said, I am going to focus largely on what I think the key objectives should be for skill spheres - horizontal customization and the ability to create unique combos. Items in their current state alter the player vertically; you get more of this or that with each piece, and it grows as the iPWR and tiers increase (there are a few exceptions to this - cannon stun comes to mind). If items are going to stay vertically inclined (and I think they should, as it gives a true feeling of power and progression as you beat harder difficulties), then skill spheres should enhance the player horizontally. Let us pretend that I have a squire, and I want him to be able to combo with my friend the apprentice. I purchase a skill sphere that alters the way his cannon fires. instead of being single target dps it acts more like artillery, and fires long distance slugs at ground targets only in a small circular area at, say, 6000 range. Now we can place this tower high up in the trees and at all kinds of funky angles and positions. This is where the creative minds can determine what it does. It could stun the area for a few seconds and apply shatter to the apprentice's frozen enemies, or maybe it could be an oil bomb that lands just in range of his flameburst towers. Hell, maybe you only want the huntress to be able to combo oil with other classes. We don't know. Now, from a developer's point of view, let us analyze the above scenario. We need new artwork, vfx, animations etc. to make this work. Is this something that you are willing to do, or do we need to focus our ideas on the resources that you already have? Again, we don't know. I think that the best way to delve into the large task of customization is to lay out what is important to you so that as a group we can put forth more focused ideas, and have a much more productive conversation. In my opinion, we should focus on horizontal spheres, as that is the most effective course to open up new ways of playing the game.
  13. Nice!!! I just got the Serpentagon from my second egg hatched. I was so excited!
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