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  1. Heya, so I actually don't have this class but I was curious and took a look at his book's contents and I saw... child-like drawings. So, since this guy looks so serious and majestic I would suggest the book to be like the Harbinger's shield. Instead of staring at a book's pages he could stare into the VOID with some interesting writings or whatever, and for his flame skin things could be completely different. Like, when you open the book it would look like it had an endless hole inside of it. Just a suggestion.
  2. No sane developer would go ahead and help other people like this. They're clearly cheating. Yesterday I got to onslaught wave 20 on endgame easy and it took us 2 hours 30 minutes to get there so by that logic it would take em like 9 hours to get that far and I'm positive that there is no way they could have gotten that far anyways because on wave 20 the mobs started to outdps the repairs I was making on the blockades. One of our helpers had pretty much max gear and when maxed his blockades had 250k hp also we had 20k auras on.
  3. 2 hours later, on wave 15 of onslaught easy siphon site d I found an egg myself!
  4. Come on guys say what you know. We need more information. What difficulty, which wave?
  5. Yup, going for that as well ^^ Maybe some super TRUE survivor skin with animated effects and stuff.
  7. They are avoiding them but I think you should expect one in 4-8 months
  8. It makes them toxic, I don't like it. I was just saying that there is another way to play apart from the usual stuff they do and they just laugh at my face and tell me that they don't care what I think. The way they are playing is NOT the way the devs wanted them to. Isn't the game about working as a team in a certain way to find a way to beat a stage and not giving the mana to the strongest guy so he can carry you until you are strong enough to do the same?
  9. Even mentioning the fact that there is another way to play the game apart from placing a few turrets and going afk makes people act like complete ***s and they disrespect the hell out of you.
  10. I know this is pre-alpha and everything BUT this should be one of the most important things they should fix first. Basically I cannot play the game any longer because I am either forced to "stick around" to not look like a leecher or sometimes afk because people just don't care. I got 3 hero's leveled to 25 and since grinding 25++ hardmode throne room is very easy AND boring with the usual cannon or lightning aura solo builds over and over again I tried spicing the game up for myself a little bit by creating a 3 hero combo setup (monk defenses squire defenses and huntress off spec). That combo to me is very interesting and works quite well even though I have terrible equipment and also keeps me in game because of the off spec huntress. So I go to 25++, ask for one lane for myself to place my setup while the others can do their cannon setup afk thing or whatever, but guess what. They disagree. I gotta either give the dude all of my mana and let him solo the map for us "because it's easier" or gtfo. They gave me all their greens and I was forced to solo build for them, but I didn't and just reinforced my lane and thats what they get. Now as I am writing this they are AFK waiting for me to leave so they can proceed with their crappy afk building because they're lazy losers. And thats with most rooms as well. So I am forced to act like I'm doing something while their OP defenses actually get all the kills. What's the point of playing this way? Should I keep playing or wait for future patches? Eventually they will start kicking people out for not playing the game their way. P.S. - I also got called a scrub, right. Because I can't enjoy the game my way. I'm not even disturbing anyone playing that way, what's their problem?
  11. Well I haven't played as the monk yet so instead of the "Boost aura" which I didn't know was the name I just typed spear in short just because that's what it obviously looks like expecting people to understand. Oh well. Answering to the second question the real problem is the fact that I am currently in the 20-25 range and that's where the combo gets used more often than the other combo ranges, whats even more funny is that when there is no monk among the party the entire team almost panics because they have no idea how to place proper defense combinations apart from the combo that is used so much. They just jab a line of geysers and explosive traps expecting that to work so I had to take 2 lanes while the other 3 took the other 2 (4 after the window controls broke) but we eventually won. I can't wait for people to make more creative defense layouts that are pretty and work really well.
  12. I can't even play huntress properly anymore. Every single game with a monk and a huntress ends up with that combo and they never use explosives or the balloon traps OR turrets, that single combo facerolls the entire game so you can go sip your tea while the combo does the trick. You can no longer be unique, I am playing with a well rounded huntress utilizing every trap available for her to form a very powerful defense passable only by ogres. EVERY game there's a monk that runs up to you and places a lightning trap for you because he thinks you are going to use the same combo that everyone uses, so you have to first say that you don't want one every single game 70% of the times I also need to explain WHY I don't need it. What is even funnier is the fact that people use the lightning traps so much they don't even know what the other defenses look like. I asked for a spear to reinforce my formation and the dude goes ahead and places a lightning trap. Does that look like a spear to you? What happened afterwards is this. I told him that this is not a spear so it takes him a few seconds to remember how one looks, removes the lightning trap, places the spear and I'm happy BUT NO he goes ahead, removes the spear and places the freaking trap again and runs away! That followed with me being rage broke cursing the entire team and going afk.
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