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  1. Well, when in doubt, talk about everything that's even somewhat related. xD That's what I did above. To me the UI is Pre-pre-Alpha as often it doesn't even have basic quality of life functions that menus and UI's should always have. I'm really annoyed with just how wasteful the UI is. Players spend a GREAT deal of time in the UI and other menus, it should be well taken care of as this is something you'll see for your entire play time. When it feels easier to navigate DD1 menus instead of DD2 menus, you start to see a glaring problem.
  2. This is the major glaring problem I saw since day 1. How can you actually expect proper feedback on something that takes insanely long to get? How am I supposed to test something you want tested when it's currently setup for actual implementation? That's crazy. If I'm so heavily limited, I can't do squat. I have to farm up for days, weeks, months just to test everything out and what for? So you can change it a week later? I get that you guys don't want to do wipes and all of that but with a game that's basically Alpha or Beta, it should've been an expected thing. Other games have a Live ver
  3. Yeah, that's the issue currently. Because we have a system that seems 1/3rd complete, we're unable to give valuable feedback for it as most feedback will be negative. The cons out way the pros in something that is supposed to be widely liked. How can we like something that doesn't yield good results? Pets don't do good damage or are interesting besides looks so that means they're just time consuming and a small stat boost. And then there is talk already of Premium pets? I'm sorry but as great as those "premium" pets might be, I shall not be buying them unless the pet system makes having ANY
  4. I'm surprised that your idea is even possible. I figured that once equipped the Uber Sphere would effect all towers like how the Medium Spheres do. Another thing I'm surprised about is people wanting a nerf for something that takes so darn long to acquire. Isn't the Uber Sphere supposed to make things easier? Like, you did all that work to get it, it should naturally trivialize difficulty until they release a better difficulty. I dunno really, just seems strange.
  5. But... that's *exactly* what Trendy has done...? Lockboxes only contain cosmetic items. Yes, but 1) they've tied it to the in-game loot system. It's another item that drops. It's part of the gameplay instead of an abstract layer. It detracts from the experience when I get loot and go "Oh, can't actually use that unless I pay money for it..." 2) the drops from the chest are random. If it's something you are going to pay real money for (gems) you shouldn't have a random chance to get what you want, you should get exactly what you want out of it. This lockbox system has helped to kill quite a
  6. I agree with you even though I am perfectly okay with having dailies. However, claiming they push players away without a detail explanation results in it being just that, a claim. Explain the scenario where this happens. Give the proper reasoning to why a player may feel a certain way. In my specific case (and I've met others that fall into these as well): 1) I feel obligated to log in every day, even on days when I might not be up for playing for whatever reason. Over time, this starts to wear on me and I start to resent the game for trying to control my play time. I could skip a day but...
  7. I agree with you even though I am perfectly okay with having dailies. However, claiming they push players away without a detail explanation results in it being just that, a claim. Explain the scenario where this happens. Give the proper reasoning to why a player may feel a certain way.
  8. I find all things should have either a helpful tool tip or description. In my opinion, next to the UI being user friendly, it should be the second thing added. People always require additional information. When that additional information is ONLY available from Threads on Forums or from fellow players, there is seriously something wrong. I honestly felt the same way as you that I took a lot longer of a post to explain exactly why I dislike such an unrefined system. Currently one of its flaws is time taken versus reward value. If it takes me more or less a months worth of time then the item in
  9. The point of skill spheres is hero specialization/customization, not a gold sink. There are a lot better places where a gold sink can be implemented. It's more like two birds with one stone. You get customization and a much needed Gold Sink. There is a lot better places? I think having a gold sink for getting the spheres is alright. Having to unlock the slots with gold is foolishly dumb though. There is a lot better places where a gold sink can be eh? Name 6. And in order for it to classify as a "better" gold sink, it needs to be something people would generally be more okay with than having
  10. Well, I do in fact have the ability to record, it's not hard really. Although, recording in what manner? Gameplay or purely voice? If I am wrong in every way, that's fine because at the end of it all, we will know facts. And with facts we can give suggestions easier.
  11. I'm still adamant about my waypoint suggestion as something that takes up that much room is still misleading while my version takes up very little room and can easily be adjusted for just how noticeable they want. Nevertheless, I'm glad you enjoyed my suggestions for the most part. It took a great deal of work and frustration.
  12. Actually, with the sheer amount of cases stating that the very first out of all 3 available types is what people get 60-70% of the time (multiple times in a row) does somewhat prove rarity. It's simply numbers mate. It's how RNG works. If you get the exact same thing and it only changes a slight percentage of the time then that is evidence of rarity. Rarity by quantification is what we're using to figure out it exists. I know, but that really depends on how many people experienced this. They might just have been lucky, but i do see that it does kinda prove it. However, i'd still like someone
  13. While I'm not entirely sure what was and wasn't updated in the patch in terms of UI, I will tell you of related UI stuff (I literally couldn't find a better Thread to post this in). I'll be honest, I find a lot of things counterintuitive. The Hero Manager is pretty well done. I would like to point out that the names displayed seem to get squished the longer the Title gets. Either the title needs to always be displayed above the name in this menu or not displayed in general. I would like to see either build type notices or player notes as an option to it. What I mean is this, unless we rememb
  14. If they do allow the items to drop.. sure i dont have a problem with that .. as long as its not 1:1000000000 chance of a drop ;).. something reasonable.. but if it doesnt well you have the option of grinding out the time gate. All it does it allow the person to do a weeks worth of grinding in a day, that means the forums will have people complaining about nothing to do or nothing worth doing anymore and how they're OH SO bored. Then that is their problem.. if it is done correctly it makes boths sides happy.. you can grind out 1 a day .. or do all 7 in one day ;).. this way just allows for peo
  15. Well, when you put it like that, I understand where you're coming from. The whole gating thing also makes a large amount of sense. However, I don't see the need to remove it. It is simpler to just allow things to be gained at a much faster rate. If we don't have to wait days to get a Small Sphere or Large Sphere, then why should we wait for an Uber Sphere? Because it's supposed to be this big fancy Sphere that changes gameplay? If I get it and to me it is lackluster then there is no point in such a huge time sink. Also, there was talk of allowing you to gain Spheres by natural play. Adding in
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