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  1. Well, when in doubt, talk about everything that's even somewhat related. xD That's what I did above. To me the UI is Pre-pre-Alpha as often it doesn't even have basic quality of life functions that menus and UI's should always have. I'm really annoyed with just how wasteful the UI is. Players spend a GREAT deal of time in the UI and other menus, it should be well taken care of as this is something you'll see for your entire play time. When it feels easier to navigate DD1 menus instead of DD2 menus, you start to see a glaring problem.
  2. This is the major glaring problem I saw since day 1. How can you actually expect proper feedback on something that takes insanely long to get? How am I supposed to test something you want tested when it's currently setup for actual implementation? That's crazy. If I'm so heavily limited, I can't do squat. I have to farm up for days, weeks, months just to test everything out and what for? So you can change it a week later? I get that you guys don't want to do wipes and all of that but with a game that's basically Alpha or Beta, it should've been an expected thing. Other games have a Live version and a Player Test version. It allows them to have a mess around server where people can test how overpowered something might be without investing a ton of time and effort into it. None of it ends up in the Live Server so it can be dropped whenever.
  3. Yeah, that's the issue currently. Because we have a system that seems 1/3rd complete, we're unable to give valuable feedback for it as most feedback will be negative. The cons out way the pros in something that is supposed to be widely liked. How can we like something that doesn't yield good results? Pets don't do good damage or are interesting besides looks so that means they're just time consuming and a small stat boost. And then there is talk already of Premium pets? I'm sorry but as great as those "premium" pets might be, I shall not be buying them unless the pet system makes having ANY pet worthwhile. As always, you start with a good system and tweak it until it's the best it can be then afterwards you try to make money off of it. Everything successful starts by making a strong foundation and working from there.
  4. I'm surprised that your idea is even possible. I figured that once equipped the Uber Sphere would effect all towers like how the Medium Spheres do. Another thing I'm surprised about is people wanting a nerf for something that takes so darn long to acquire. Isn't the Uber Sphere supposed to make things easier? Like, you did all that work to get it, it should naturally trivialize difficulty until they release a better difficulty. I dunno really, just seems strange.
  5. But... that's *exactly* what Trendy has done...? Lockboxes only contain cosmetic items. Yes, but 1) they've tied it to the in-game loot system. It's another item that drops. It's part of the gameplay instead of an abstract layer. It detracts from the experience when I get loot and go "Oh, can't actually use that unless I pay money for it..." 2) the drops from the chest are random. If it's something you are going to pay real money for (gems) you shouldn't have a random chance to get what you want, you should get exactly what you want out of it. This lockbox system has helped to kill quite a few MMOs for me. This is one of the reasons I quit GW2 after being hyped for years and playing for almost 2 years... they started adding a ton of stuff as lockbox exclusives. I don't know how much of the DD2 stuff is exclusive (or if any is right now), but even so the 2 points above stand. I'm not averse to f2p if it's done right. Path of Exile is the only game that's really done it right that I've seen, though. And that's why I've given them well over $600 at this point. In general, gameplay and pay should be completely separate and pay model should never affect the actual gameplay. If those are kept separate I will throw tons of money at something fun (which DD2 is). If they aren't, I just won't play the game as it's not worth it. I realize this may come off as harsh or whatever, but it's because I really loved DD1 and I like a lot of DD2 right now. I want it to be amazing, and I don't want f2p to ruin any of that. There is nothing wrong with having a box that gives you a random appearance item, its simply all about how it's implemented. It's not "exclusive" as you can simply buy it so lets nip that comparison right away. The problem is that you don't get enough keys equal to how many of them you get. That's it! That's the only problem. If you could open 1 every 2 matches of Betsy the feeling would drop away drastically. As you said "Oh, can't actually use that". Why can't you? Because it takes too long and isn't worth it. So, lets shorten the time it takes, make Keys a great deal more easier to acquire and that should make it more enjoyable for you, yeah? Simply because you don't like the system doesn't mean it's that bad. It's like people hating anything related to "dailies" or how people dislike the Skill Sphere system and cry for a roll back. All they need is proper feedback and a great deal of tweaks. Let's not flaunt amounts of money around as it holds no baring on the conversation. It's like me saying I gave the flash game Adventure Quest $32,000. There are players who don't HAVE ANY assortment of money to give to the game even though they want to. Let's not remind them of it. The devs gave all players a means to an end. A means to buy appearance items and a means to get them by playing. They're already thinking of players in that regard unlike many other game developers. Free to play isn't going to ruin the game, don't be so over dramatic. No updates... will. Lack of content... will. Unfair mechanics... will. Price gouging... will. Unlock pay walls... will. Not listening to feedback... will. Having a lockbox? Won't.
  6. I agree with you even though I am perfectly okay with having dailies. However, claiming they push players away without a detail explanation results in it being just that, a claim. Explain the scenario where this happens. Give the proper reasoning to why a player may feel a certain way. In my specific case (and I've met others that fall into these as well): 1) I feel obligated to log in every day, even on days when I might not be up for playing for whatever reason. Over time, this starts to wear on me and I start to resent the game for trying to control my play time. I could skip a day but... 2) If I miss a day, I lose a lot of motivation to play. I feel like I've fallen behind. This is made far worse in systems where there are exclusive rewards, to where missing a single day can mean I've lost all of my motivation to play again because it's impossible to now "catch up". In cases where there are not exclusive rewards it's not as extreme, but I still feel like I've missed out and fallen behind. Those are the two main reasons. Additionally, it creates an uneven playing field. The play time of someone who can play for an hour a day 7 days a week (7 hours in a week) is worth more than the play time of someone who can play only twice a week for 4 hours a day (8 hours in a week). Someone's time shouldn't be more valuable because based on when they can play. Everyone's time should be equal, regardless of when they can play. See, this is proper feedback. It explains the errors very well. If more people did responses like this the game would be a lot better in the future. I often end up feeling somewhat similar to what you've said but I also have the tendency to get bored of a game extremely quickly (like, stupidly quick). So I've simply stopped caring about doing dailies entirely and play whenever or whatever I wish. However, I'm aware not everyone is as weird as I and would like to keep enjoying what they enjoy. Currently the only thing that keeps me coming back to DD2 is that the game requires feedback and I'm very opinionated and nit-picky. I prefer professionalism and good design over "it looks nice". To me, it doesn't matter how nice it looks if it doesn't help the player achieve their goal. If it can be improved for the better then, improve it but not because you just want to seem innovative. There is a reason why small and big companies copy the UI and interactive nature of certain games. It's because that's the example of good design in the gaming world. I have no issues with dailies but if this is the only means then they might as well make it worthwhile and not so grueling to get something.
  7. I agree with you even though I am perfectly okay with having dailies. However, claiming they push players away without a detail explanation results in it being just that, a claim. Explain the scenario where this happens. Give the proper reasoning to why a player may feel a certain way.
  8. I find all things should have either a helpful tool tip or description. In my opinion, next to the UI being user friendly, it should be the second thing added. People always require additional information. When that additional information is ONLY available from Threads on Forums or from fellow players, there is seriously something wrong. I honestly felt the same way as you that I took a lot longer of a post to explain exactly why I dislike such an unrefined system. Currently one of its flaws is time taken versus reward value. If it takes me more or less a months worth of time then the item in question better be so stupidly good and fun to use, if not, then it's not worth the effort.
  9. The point of skill spheres is hero specialization/customization, not a gold sink. There are a lot better places where a gold sink can be implemented. It's more like two birds with one stone. You get customization and a much needed Gold Sink. There is a lot better places? I think having a gold sink for getting the spheres is alright. Having to unlock the slots with gold is foolishly dumb though. There is a lot better places where a gold sink can be eh? Name 6. And in order for it to classify as a "better" gold sink, it needs to be something people would generally be more okay with than having to pay for Spheres. (This is more of a joking response, however I am interested in what you would think is a better spot)
  10. Well, I do in fact have the ability to record, it's not hard really. Although, recording in what manner? Gameplay or purely voice? If I am wrong in every way, that's fine because at the end of it all, we will know facts. And with facts we can give suggestions easier.
  11. I'm still adamant about my waypoint suggestion as something that takes up that much room is still misleading while my version takes up very little room and can easily be adjusted for just how noticeable they want. Nevertheless, I'm glad you enjoyed my suggestions for the most part. It took a great deal of work and frustration.
  12. Actually, with the sheer amount of cases stating that the very first out of all 3 available types is what people get 60-70% of the time (multiple times in a row) does somewhat prove rarity. It's simply numbers mate. It's how RNG works. If you get the exact same thing and it only changes a slight percentage of the time then that is evidence of rarity. Rarity by quantification is what we're using to figure out it exists. I know, but that really depends on how many people experienced this. They might just have been lucky, but i do see that it does kinda prove it. However, i'd still like someone to confirm it ;D A rarity system would be cool after all, but it doesn't seem like any of the pets currently in the game look cooler or have other reasons to be more rare than the others.. So in a way, it would be kinda wierd if they've already made some pets more rare than others, and that's why i would like someone to confirm whether or not it's actually a thing at the moment. =_= I really don't get you. The rarity system already exists for Gear, why wouldn't it for Pets? It existed since DD1 just in a ever so slightly different form. We have proved it by the sheer lack of certain pets being common hatches. At this point, it's not "kind of proven" it's pretty much a fact now. You want someone to confirm it? I'm pretty sure someone mentioned it in a Devstream that some pets will be rarer than others. "Lucky" is part of RNG. Luck is the wildcard for rarity. Being lucky once or twice doesn't remove the fact that something is or can be "rare". Pets don't have a reason to be rare? Being rare gives them a reason! If a Pet is rare, people will keep trying until they get it. Thus, a reason for it to be rare. You can be in doubt all you wish but I won't. Rarity is extremely common for these types of games in general.
  13. While I'm not entirely sure what was and wasn't updated in the patch in terms of UI, I will tell you of related UI stuff (I literally couldn't find a better Thread to post this in). I'll be honest, I find a lot of things counterintuitive. The Hero Manager is pretty well done. I would like to point out that the names displayed seem to get squished the longer the Title gets. Either the title needs to always be displayed above the name in this menu or not displayed in general. I would like to see either build type notices or player notes as an option to it. What I mean is this, unless we remember their names and how we've built them, there is no other way to know other than to check each character. Yes, I've had some bad cases of "I've completely forgotten" and figured that if we could either see build types marked with an icon on them (also would come in handy when in a dungeon) or add a little player note to them to remind us. Other than that, I can already see the arrows for additional Hero Slot pages? And additional Hero Decks. The UI as a whole seems to be at a relatively good scale size no matter the case. Quite happy with it until we get a large assortment of different characters to go through. Only then will we know how well it truly stacks up. When I am in a dungeon, I have absolutely no idea who is whom on the UI. When I am on a team of 4 Squires and it shows me who is ready or how much health they have, I have no idea who they are. It just shows me an icon of a Squire. Well, which squire is which? I also don't know what Difficulty I am in. I have to ask the Leader every time if this is Hard Mode or Normal Mode. So, I do the next best thing and hit Esc to bring up that Pause style menu. It tells me their names and that I can vote to kick them. It doesn't tell me who is or isn't ready yet. It doesn't tell me what difficulty we're in. It doesn't tell me how much Mana they have for Defenses. It doesn't tell me what kind of build they are (as in what are their two highest stacked stats). So unless I'm great at guessing or figuring it out, I have no way of knowing who has readied up or not. What's the difficulty. How much mana they aren't using. Or even what kind of build they have going for X Hero. Normally I'd suggest giving players the option to select their build type so the game can place an appropriate icon by their character image but I have a feeling that would be too much work for something people could easily forget to use. It would be better if it would just base it off of your two highest stats. Stacking Hero Damage and Ability Power? You're DPS. Stacking Hero Health and Hero Damage? You're a tank (OR DPS Tank but that might get confusing for people). The next annoying UI thing is the Mini map and Flags. When someone places a flag down in the game world you can clearly spot it as the huge flag comes down and also has a beacon of light shining upwards. However, on the mini map, it shows a blurry 2D flag with the strangest of yellow... "arrows?" It looks like a pulsating piece of yellow macaroni. I almost can never figure out where the flag is via the mini map.I know the general area but I got this huge blurry flag marker and the bit of macaroni enlarging and shrinking repeatedly when it could just be something simple like a Bright dot that pulsates every 2 seconds. It's always the notice in chat that catches my attention first, not the mini map. I then proceed to ignore the mini map and look for the flag in the game because trying to figure out exactly where I'm needed via the mini map is a trial in frustration. The Yellow Dot is the marker and the ring around it comes outward from the Dot and fades away as it grows. The rings continue to ping outward until the Dot fades away like the normal flag marker does. I'm not a huge fan of the Experience Bar in the top left hand corner. I dunno, it kind of looks like a Turbo meter or something to me instead of what was intended. Believe it or not, it took me a good few levels before I figured out what it even was. I think it's because I've gotten used to MMO's having the Experience Bar at the very bottom of the screen and always telling you what percent you're at as well as the exact number of experiences you have or require to level. I'm aware that I can simply go to the Defenders Forge to find out that exact number I simply can't help but feel needing to go to a unit to bring up a menu just to find out how much experience I need, a little too much. Although in general, this isn't that big of an issue, just inconvenient is all. The Summary Menu of the Completion screen is terrible in my opinion. It is continually devoid of information or stats. The colors are overbearing and far too "in your face" for my liking. If you're going to stick huge colored bars in my face then make it worth staring at. Give them a Large Gem or Filled Glass Vial look to them. Also, it would seem that "Greatest Finds" is based purely on what you find and equip in some cases as shown in the image below (image coming soon, I swear). I want to be able to know how much Experience I got from this match and if at all possible, how much I got per wave. The Team Stats & Player Stats Menu at the end of a Dungeon is confusing as all heck. I drafted up a question based image for just how clustered it is. All the colors make my head hurt when looking at the thing. It looks like a business example of what not to do to your Menu. Moving on, I don't even know why I need to be shown on it if all it shows is my Character Image and name. I know who I played and who I am. If I cannot vote for myself or upvote myself then I don't need to be shown on it. The menu seems to highlight a user, often always your user and you can select other people. However selecting another person doesn't do anything or change any of the displayed stats. I can't help but find that this menu is hogwash. The "Other" part of the Defense Damage is literally going off the visible space. I don't know how much damage I personally did and how good that is as there isn't anything to compare it to. Was there a boss? How much of the damage did I do personally? Why not tell me a percentage? Like I did 20% of all the Hero Damage Dealt to the Boss. How much did my Defenses do? Does it count Map Defenses into that? I don't know. I have a hard enough time trying to understand what is the difference between the 2 areas of the same enemy type. Don't follow me? Look in the image above, in the Hero Damage Taken area there is two parts of the bar with the same enemy face but different colors. In the Defense Damage Taken area, there is two Drakin icons (I think). Why is that? What does that even mean? Yes, you can figure out what some of this means after looking at it a number of times and thinking really hard on it, however you normally only have but a few seconds before the information is taken away. Also, to my knowledge there is no way to view your last session's results so its look now else it be forgotten. I can only assume the things I'd like to have and find useful aren't on here because someone didn't think to add it or the more likely answer is... to help "enforce a fun environment" or something similar to that nature. Going with the same idea and improving on the existing layout I simplified it and cleaned it up. After making it look so-so I started to get lazy so excuse any obvious visual errors and most of the Defense Damage area not being filled. Another UI thing that really bothers me to no end is how clunky it is to navigate the Skill Sphere Shop. There is often far too much scrolling, reading and searching involved. Again, using images I've come up with a solution, two different types. I would like to see "Show Currently Equippable" changed to "Highest Equippable" as showing me everything I can equip means I see a bunch of low ranked Spheres all the time instead of simply the highest and best ones. The next UI that is somewhat annoying is the menu where you equip your Skill Spheres. It's difficult to search for the ones you actually want to use. Also, no menu tells you that Skill Spheres can be used on all characters once purchased. Nor does it allow you to quickly unequip Skill Spheres. Either loadouts need to be introduced or a slight rework of the menu needs to be done to speed this up. It's too much busy work. Also, if the Spheres are supposed to be listed in Lowest to Highest, why does it seem like the order is based on when you purchased the Sphere instead? I have the order going Ability Power Sphere IV, then VII followed by VI and V. Another thing is, why must I hover over the locked slot just to find out when I can "unlock" it? While I am thankful for having tool tips being useful here I still have one question... Why not just tell me at all times? I'd also love to see a Search Bar on it but couldn't figure out where I could place it without it getting in the way or having to heavily edit the image. Please ignore the poor quality of my suggestion image here, I got lazy and it was late. This is only have I've come up with so far. I figured having images of an example of the change would be the best form of possible feedback as one cannot misunderstand much of the image in front of them.
  14. If they do allow the items to drop.. sure i dont have a problem with that .. as long as its not 1:1000000000 chance of a drop ;).. something reasonable.. but if it doesnt well you have the option of grinding out the time gate. All it does it allow the person to do a weeks worth of grinding in a day, that means the forums will have people complaining about nothing to do or nothing worth doing anymore and how they're OH SO bored. Then that is their problem.. if it is done correctly it makes boths sides happy.. you can grind out 1 a day .. or do all 7 in one day ;).. this way just allows for people that cant get online every day a chance at keeping up and not feeling so bad for missing a day... doing them all in 1 day and complaining there is nothing to do seems like a non issue to me.. but missing out and never catching up is a huge problem. As for the skill thing, eh, I still don't see that as skill. It was luck and teamwork. But no matter. You're free to believe as you wish. I don't see the need for false skill things to be added. It's always been about Dungeons, Loot and tough bosses. same as killing a D3 boss with 1 second left ;)... ive done that a few times myself.. just pointing out similaritys ;).. i would say there is more skill in DD2 then D3.. D3 is pure luck in most aspects.. gotta get the right drops... DD you need to plan out the build.. everything else between them is very similar.. Drops.. avoiding big attacks, knowing when to retreat n heal.. kiting bosses.. etc etc.. anyway this is getting way off topic now.. Lol, "then that's their problem". Oh how the shoe can fit so many feet. Careful my friend, these kinds of words apply not only to what you want it to. If you catch my drift. :< But I was dead... and-and I revived and killed the bossy. It was a feat of strength if there ever was one. >.> But alright, I see where you're getting at. Anywho, you're quite correct about being off topic so from now on, let us remain on topic. ^_^
  15. Well, when you put it like that, I understand where you're coming from. The whole gating thing also makes a large amount of sense. However, I don't see the need to remove it. It is simpler to just allow things to be gained at a much faster rate. If we don't have to wait days to get a Small Sphere or Large Sphere, then why should we wait for an Uber Sphere? Because it's supposed to be this big fancy Sphere that changes gameplay? If I get it and to me it is lackluster then there is no point in such a huge time sink. Also, there was talk of allowing you to gain Spheres by natural play. Adding in such a thing would allow players two means of getting what they want. Either you play and you can find it or you grind for it. Doesn't sound like a bad idea to me but it doesn't really do much to solve the issue of things taking too long. It also doesn't help give a time sink. All it does it allow the person to do a weeks worth of grinding in a day, that means the forums will have people complaining about nothing to do or nothing worth doing anymore and how they're OH SO bored. As for the skill thing, eh, I still don't see that as skill. It was luck and teamwork. But no matter. You're free to believe as you wish. I don't see the need for false skill things to be added. It's always been about Dungeons, Loot and tough bosses.
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