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  1. Things get in the way, it happens, even with the delay they are still faster at patching and informing the community then most other companies. I am biased though, I get married on the 12th and won't be playing for a while after that.
  2. They stated the release of the PVP on the 10 before they stated the patch date, it makes sense to reconfigure it to the same date.
  3. I've heard a lot about this autoaim... but its never happened to me... (I know the Squire has the fly towards target crap, but I play mainly mage and well, it fires where I aim.)
  4. I agree, a timer perhaps to get back on that lasts 2 minutes, etc.
  5. You can do that with every class........... Anway, just wanted to say: a dev company that nerfs stuff within a week is too focused on the nerf-suggesting in forums. Its different when its just 1 nerf. There have been more than 3 nerfs since release, not to mention 2 huntress nerfs within 4 days. They buffed 2 classes and nerfed 2 classes, I'd say thats buffing and nerfing at the same rate. Not the same numbers and still being refined, but its not pure nerf unless you only play squire or huntress.
  6. Hey, he's an adult with a busy schedule ok? He certainly wouldn't be whining like a child that something isn't just handed to him. Alright?
  7. I agree, the bigger maps should get a boost of 30 seconds. Summit should get a 45 second boost.
  8. Men and women will also merge. I shall call them... Momen. Moomins!!!! ftw
  9. They replied to your thread about it with "we'll look into it". Yeah if we gave card details, its narrowed to the Geforce 6 and 7 series, but no response since. Frustrating for the few of us with the problem.
  10. I don't understand why there isn't just a system where the game removes the "Cheapest" item on the floor first everytime it removes an item. Always the cheapest.
  11. -yeah MS process kept DD from releasing earlier -some of us like our consoles and dont want to bother with computers -360 did have cross platform games... they didnt end well OT: yeah consoles have a very long process to approve patches but thankfully MS tests the mess out of them, so we shouldnt see any loss of characters on consoles ;). Correct, Microsoft patch testing time is around 1 month, sometimes 2, to make sure it works and mainly to make sure it won't affect the machine negatively, the result is that everything takes longer on the xbox. Which is why I have these kind of games o
  12. Yes because it's best to delay much wanted/discussed changes and updates in order to fix everything all at once. Not what I mean't, but this graphics issue has been since release and I haven't seen a single "We are looking into it" or "We can't fix it" if they can't fix it. Sure fix the game Tweaks, but give me my full game at some time too.
  13. Haven't tried that, can't find the ini file either xP
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