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  1. Goku Monkey D. Luffy or Naruto?
  2. Hey creator of the thread here, I'm closing the thread so I guess I win, thanks for playing.
  3. You are banned for insulting my Fallout 4 character.
  4. You are banned for replying to this thread.
  5. Another game by me, this time you will say why the person below you should be banned, then the next person has to do the thing that the previous person said he is banned for, he also says why the next person is banned and so on. Example: Person 1: You are banned insulting a dev! Person 2: Mods you suck! You are banned for spamming swag! Person 3: Swag SwagSwagSwagSwagSwagSwagSwagSwagSwagSwagSwagSwagSwagSwagSwag You are banned for using the internet!
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