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  1. Squishydew That's awesome! I hope they see this thread and give us news soon. I really wanna buy the Inventory pack, but I'll wait until I'm sure that this is fixed and we can all get the same maximum bags :)
  2. This is pretty easy to understand: the only way to have 10 bag slots now, is if you had a maxed out Pet bag before the update! The Pet bag limit before the update was 80 slots. The new update changed all bags to 64 and rounded everything up. So normal 32-slot bags were just summed together. 4 32-slot bags became 2 64-slot bags, 5 32-slot bags became 3 64-slot bags because of the rounding up. No problem with that, because you can still reach the normal maximum of 8 bags now just by buying more for 640 gems. The Pet bag was changed into an additional 64-slot bag too, but if you had MORE than 64 slots, then you would get 2 bags thanks to the rounding up! This made it possible for people to have their maximum bag slots increased to 10 (8 normal bags + 2 from the maxed out Pet bag). The problem is that there's no way for those who didn't previously max out their pet bag (before the Trials update) to upgrade their bag slots to 10, instead of 9. The 10th bag slot is essentially an unannounced limited edition upgrade. It's just silly... I was thinking about buying the "Inventory Pack", but I just found that it only grants you a 9th bag slot. It seems like we're never going to be able to have 10. Please Trendy let us buy a 10th bag, like many people already have. It's not a cosmetic or something trivial. Inventory space is invaluable in this game, especially since we now have to hold items for up to 10 different heroes... Thank you for listening! Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v0uglUD4WFY&t=3m15s
  3. The EarthShatter! The animation is just awesome :)
  4. That's exactly what I thought! All seems to work by having a single hero for DPS and Building. It all falls apart whan you look at pets: those potential 350 points could go into Defense Power and Crit, or into Hero Power and Crit... So we're still gonna be better off with two separate pets sadly :( Are changes to the pets due soon? If yes, are they going to address this and let us really use a single character for both DPS and Building?
  5. I read it all and I feel the same about pretty much everything. I just wanna point out that round rewards feel weird on Onslaught. Pet or currency rewards are fine, but gear is a little "useless". You get a lot of gear anyway and those items you find every 3 waves don't have anything special. My suggestion is to add something to round rewards like: - a slightly higher Item Power, compared to that map's average drops. - a 100% chance of getting a legendary (or mythical/legendary).
  6. wat? whoever comes next can answer the one above for me pls? :P Itchy or scratchy?
  7. Pnemu... Pneumonu... Pnue... Oh f*ck it! Fever. 1 or 2? [[43252,users]] I love dogs and other animals in general :) it was just for fun to make you choose my beloved panda ahahah
  8. Definitely desktop for gaming. Panda or anyotherstupidanimal?
  9. Rome :-P Pizza or Pizza Pie? lol
  10. OMD2! (Haven't played eternity...) Android or iOS?
  11. When is the hotfix for ballista's crash coming out? Is Hard Mode coming back with Foundation part 2?
  12. Thanks [[12589,users]] and wow [[43252,users]]! What an honor! :D
  13. I disagree. You can always suggest your teammates to do a mixed build! Also many times you are left with some useless mana, which is indeed good for an upgrade or too if you sum it with your teammates' mana!
  14. Thank you both! By thanking you this thread gets bumped too. How convenient! lol :D
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