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  1. Uh... if you host a game and press f on the crystal, you can view the leaderboards.
  2. Wow! Tonigh, 90% of the game in the customs are TRADE game!! WTF!? Is that the new Diablo 2??? because if this is, im out. srsly WTF people. Farm you own stuff. what the point of having 30m mana? Yeah, because people who min/max really want to spend their time grinding when they could just buy what they need from someone
  3. Hero swapping = artificial re-playability. They're forcing us to swap heroes in order to force us to play longer. If we don't have every hero at 70, they're going to play the ol' "you haven't even experienced all of the content!" card when people inevitably complain about a lack of content. Honestly, why even let us choose a class if we need all of them at the max level to do content that we could have easily done before with just one? What's better: 1. Squire OP, use it to farm other classes to 70 really fast, use other classes for fun. 2. Everyone is UP, force us to farm our classe
  4. I ain't trolling actually. I'm merely pointing out his failure at articulating an idea that is based in sound reasoning that doesn't break a logical law. At this point I honestly do not believe he is capable of that... =/ Because any of that is relevant to the topic at hand.
  5. If you're trying to maximize auto attack DPS, # of projectiles > speed > damage.
  6. If only they'd even admit that they were OP. "Squire wasn't OP, everything else was UP." Riiiight... Well, to be fair apprentice's towers made squires look much much worse than they actually were.
  7. More or less yes. Also some magic missiles and a couple DSTs. Yeah, after having seen this combination post-app buff, it baffles me that people think app is underpowered still because of immunes.
  8. I'm in the process of uploading a couple videos on youtube for my how to solo insane summit. I did not use the squire or the huntress. Patch 7.07 will not change that in the slightest. I could use the squire and/or huntress, I just don't want to. If anything patch 7.07 will just make a squire setup more competitive with the apprentice/monk setup I'm currently using (which is miles away better than any squire setup I've used/seen so far). Fireballs with electrics/ensnares, I take it?
  9. 1 word. Spell immunities. I need 2 towers for the squires 1 Fireballs with an ensnare/lightning aura lock down a lane.
  10. Everytime I come on these forums, all I see is Pinkie Pie complaining. ;_; And until he eventually gets himself banned again, that's how it will continue to be. (ontopic) APPS ARE GOOD
  11. This is where your wrong. The devs can fix two things wrong with this picture. They can make up to hard play soloable, and they can address class balance. The devs for this game are constantly trying to adjust this game to meet the standards of those who post the most, which is a mistake game have made in the past. Generally casual gamers do not post, they change games if it becomes ridiculous. If Devs, or Trendy game testers became active in their own server selection games offered to the bulk of us through custom games, they would encounter a plethora of problems many of us also enco
  12. OHRLY? My sig. Just because you have a 70 monk doesn't mean you're doing anything with it. Going to be doing testing later with my mage to see if I can solo insane Halloween, and hard Glitter doesn't seem like an issue at all.
  13. The ratings, positive posts, and ammount of views and replies on such threads proves you wrong. Oh I forgot you have me ignored, but that doesn't matter. Just because it's popular on the forums doesn't make it a good design decision.
  14. TOWER viability. I would love to call you hundreds of ugly names right now, but ill just report you instead. Apprentice does have tower viability. Contrary to what you are probably doing, you're actually gonna have to put down ensnares.
  15. Hey, look at that - I have more classes leveled up than you, albeit by about 13 levels. I also have an Apprentice in nearly end-game gear, which is the class that we're discussing right now, that I've been playing since release. Your level 50 Apprentice does not out-DPS your Squire, at least not unless you literally have 0 points in your Squire's Tower skills. That's a flat-out lie, but I expect nothing else from you - every single one of your posts in this thread has included at least one. Those were all you, buddy. Anyway, enjoy your little alternate reality that you seem to have
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