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  1. So the first Uber sphere I picked up was the Flamethrower tower sphere, and even though everyone said it was terrible, I found it to be an amazing addition to my tower lineup. Being so enthused about the flamethrower, I decided to pick up the Heavy Cannon Tower as my second Uber sphere. (Like the flamethrower, everyone said it was terrible and I was determined to figure out its use.) However, unlike the flamethrower, it would seem the Heavy Cannon Tower is actually terrible when compared to a mine build for end-game physical damage. Am I missing something? How can I build this thing so it
  2. I didn't see a thread for this so I thought I'd make one myself. So I was really excited to get the Flamethrower Uber sphere until a buddy of mine told me that enemies killed by the tower don't drop loot. At first I thought he was just messing with me, but then I decided I should go back to hard and test it just to be safe. Well, I did an all flamethrower build, and I got less than one bag full of loot where usually about 7 bags full drop on the level. So either I was just REALLY unlucky, or the tower is causing a severely reduced amount of loot to be dropped. I'm really sad now because I
  3. I also haven't gotten any daily quests since I started playing again.
  4. Yeah, since I started manually cleaning my temp item bag, this hasn't happened again.
  5. I've had this happen to me today. I had a really nice set of legendary armor drop that I quickly picked up and put in my bag. However, when I checked my inventory later, there was no sign of the armor. I've also lost several really nice epic pieces of gear, it's starting to get very annoying...
  6. Hence why they expect you to have multiple characters leveled to be able to solo an area. Still, I don't think it would be a bad idea to have a single player experience for some of the earlier areas. Maybe maps that rely more on strategic tower placement rather then a team effort. The single player experience could allow for varying difficulty depending on how good the user is. In addition, there could be multiplayer instances that yield better loot, but require a somewhat skilled and/or geared team to defeat. Maybe restrict the single-player maps to just one hero instead of three. I'm not
  7. Wellll, if you want to get technical, many RPGs give you a party of classes that work together to achieve victory. (Wizard, fighter, cleric, rogue, ect...) If you're talking about MMOs, then I'll give you that. There are usually solo options in an MMO for your dude to go get experience and level up without needing others. I will agree with you that there should be more towers available to each class. In fact, I really like the idea of a skill system where investing in a certain skill tree will let you unlock new and improved towers. But hey, the game is pre-alpha, they may implement more t
  8. So whenever I go to look at my items in my inventory, I get at least 2-3 seconds of lag. In addition, whenever I go to upgrade an item, I get 2-3 second of lag from putting it on the upgrade table, 2-3 seconds of lag whenever I put an item on the table to "sacrifice" to level it up, and 4-5 seconds of lag when I push the "Upgrade" button on the table. This has been happening since the last patch. Anyone else seeing this? I've asked around and only a couple of players are having this experience. Does anyone know how to fix it? Upgrading items can take over a minute for me with all the lag
  9. I'd say the towers need re-imagining completely. They are just too static and are prone to cookie-cutter builds. I want self-sufficiency, not necessary dependence on other classes' cooperation. You can be self sufficient as much as you want, it was pointed out quite often, there's even a guide on how to solo in the guide section i believe. You can do it solo with a single character the whole game, which imo shouldn't be possible, but it is, i know this not just by ear, but i've done it myself with monk, squire and apprentice. I believe if a person doesn't want to play multiplayer he shou
  10. If there is a way to do this currently, please let me know... (I'll be the first to say "duh" if I miss something simple) So it's currently a pain to assure you have 3 friends on who can join you in a private game. It's also hard to join a public game and ensure there will be enough spots for your friends to join. Please give us the ability to start private games, invite our friends, then make the games public to supplement our available spots with random players. (Payday 2 actually does this fairly well if you'd like an example of it in action.)
  11. Honestly, if you level multiple characters and just switch between them, you can build some pretty OP defenses. While certain metas are way better, you could even use short-range towers as OP defenses if you know what to put in front of them. This game makes you think a little bit more than DD1 did. In DD1, you just had to raise some of the statistics to make a single classes towers OP. In this game, you have to use multiple towers from multiple classes correctly to achieve the same thing. Honestly, it's pretty easy to figure out the combos, you just have to play a few of the classes then
  12. I would say cookie cutter builds as fine as long as there were multiple forms of them. Right now the electric aura/geyser combo is really strong, so it's in the best interest of the players of those classes to make builds that strengthen those towers. However, if there were more really strong metas (possibly defensive or offensive) then players would build to buff those combos. It's almost impossible to make every build viable, but part of the fun of a skill system is to figure out how to build your character to be most efficient in what you want to accomplish.
  13. The 5 wave limit might be alright if the lobby experience was improved. In my opinion, it currently takes way too long for a new game to start. If people want to spend time messing around with their items and builds, they should do it in a private lobby or in the starting lobby. Please put in some sort of mechanism to push for new games to start up. (Or at least let people put a vote that would start a new stage with 3+ votes from current players.)
  14. At first I was very upset by the range of some of the towers, especially considering that there are enemies that can outrange them. I believe it is by design that certain towers have short ranges so they can't just be stacked and smash through everything like they could in the first game. As an apprentice using fire towers, I was extremely frustrated that my little collection of fire towers protected by a mage wall was just getting flattened over and over. However, once I started letting monks put auras in front of my towers along with huntress traps, their survival rate increased dramatica
  15. You have my vote sir! Apprentice towers are garbage from what I can tell. As someone who played the apprentice almost exclusively in the last game, I am very disappointed with him in this game. My strategy in the last game was announce myself as a builder, then use all chokepoints efficiently while moving around the level and assisting fighters however I could. My strategy in this game is create a small clump of towers in one of the lanes and babysit them until I win. (Or fall asleep) I've heard you have to use synergies effectively, but I haven't looked into that much yet. Honestly, I thi
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