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  1. I'm having the same problem. I tried verifying via steam, and it said something like "8 files could not be validated. Will re-acquire files," but it doesn't, and I can't play. EDIT: I can play now, but it was extremely annoying not being able to finish the daily before bed.
  2. I shall let the developers decide. I normally incubate one or two per day, but I have yet to now out of fear. UPDATE: After playing a game, and possibly being out of the social tavern, there is no more problem.
  3. Would it be possible to reposition the left side of the right bridge on the Betsy encounter? It currently blocks some of my Flameburst towers
  4. This is currently in the game. When you ready to continue to the next map any loot or gold not picked up is automatically put into your temporary bag. As far as ESC menu for inventory and vendors; I disagree about the vendors. I think the idea behind having everything separated as such adds to the role-play element, and I think RPers enjoy it. I also think it would be far too easy if we just teleported everywhere. An inventory button on the other hand could prove useful, as a LOT of people swap between characters almost every game.
  5. Yes! I get so tired of watching every cinematic over again every time I play.
  6. I searched but could not seem to find how to report a player, I couldnt even find him on steam for some reason. A player named Kuuz called me a noob then a n*gg*r because I told him I needed more defenses in middle...is this really the kind of behavior that people think is acceptable? Im disgusted that people have no respect for another person. Also I think there should be a cancel button when joining a game once we select level range, in case we change our minds or misclick.
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